Saturday, May 28, 2011

What is absolute anathema to the Left

Lloyd Marcus
What troubles, upsets, irritates, infuriates, and concerns the radical Left elites, who currently are in power in government, media, entertainment, etc. in America, are conservative blacks and conservative women. Blacks especially, who wander off or escape the Leftist owned or managed plantations, raise the intense ire of their “entitled” or “rightful” masters.

The liberal politicians and other so-called elites claim to “protect” and “provide” for the downtrodden minority. All they want in return is their vote. They pander to their base, minorities and unions, just like the RINOs pander do to the pro-life and Tea Party conservatives only for their vote at election time and do the opposite or nothing when they arrive in Washington. A perfect example is the pittance of real spending cuts that were extracted by Speaker Boehner in the Fiscal Year 2010 budget so-called showdown with Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s Democrat comrades.

The current issue of the Tea Party Review (June 2011) magazine has a number of excellent articles about conservative women and men, black and white who have the audacity to walk away from the Democratic Party and its lies and destructive core philosophy.

In one article, “The heart and soul of a black Tea Partier,” on page 21 Sakina Mengle asks the following insightful question, “… (I)s the American Dream under Obama’s administration slowly devolving into an unrecognizable nightmare wrapped in ultraliberal/Progressive ideology?” It most certainly is. It is rapidly devolving, Sakina. The dreams of our President’s father, which he has taken as his own, are a socialist, Marxist nightmare and no utopia.

Sakina Mengle
Mengle goes on to observe in regard to the election of our half-baked, half-black President, “I am left to surmise that it was racism, swathed in black pride, dipped in white guilt, and gobbled up by the establishment media that put an obscure inexperienced state senator (and one-term federal Senator) into the White House.” Well said, my sentiments exactly!

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