Tuesday, November 06, 2012

It is NEVER right to kill innocent children


It is absolutely reprehensible, immoral to kill our fellow human beings.

Where are the baby boys' or the baby girls' rights? The Declaration of Independence insists that we are given, by our Creator, the right to life... Life begins at conception, this is an irrefutable fact of science.l

It may be "legal" to abort, to snuff out the life of a defenseless human, but it is a moral outrage to take that life. As far as rape is concerned it would be far more just to take the "father's" life and I would agree with that every time ...

It is very rare that the life of the mother is ever in danger. If it ever truly is, then the difficult decision may need to be faced. However, now any lame excuse is used to justify this heinous act.


So today, carefully consider those candidates who placate the bombastic feminist and leftist minority who elevate and equate the immoral act of abortion to "a woman's right." Barack Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) are two such candidates and must be defeated based on this issue alone, not ignoring their numerous other failures ...

Vote NObama today! Fire Barack Obama for his four failed years in office.

Retire Sherrod Brown, because being 38 years on the government dole is more than enough!

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