Monday, November 05, 2012

You Picked a Fine Time to Lead Us Barack!

This video has been around for over two years. Today is the first time I saw it. It's great.

Here's an election going song. Sing it on the way to the polls tomorrow:  It was written and sung by Jonathan McWhite:

Hat tip goes to Rush Limbaugh who mentioned it on his show this afternoon. He indicated that it was done by two O.S.U. students, he thought it was Oklahoma State University. It doesn't matter, the content is excellent. It summarizes Mr. Obama's rampant failure to get 'er done.

However, January 20th would be a fine time to LEAVE us, Barack! You can join Jimmy Carter in building Houses for Humanity, observing elections in maybe China, Iran, and NYC, and writing another book, "Out the White House Door in Four, Completing Jimmy Carter's Second Term."

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