Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tell Kasich to Say "No" to Obamacare in Ohio

I got this from the Campaign for Liberty:

In 2010, Ohioans resoundingly rejected ObamaCare with the passage of a Constitutional Amendment nullifying the individual mandate.

And the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision prevents the federal government from forcing states to implement ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion. SCOTUS found that the federal government cannot withhold existing Medicaid funding from any State that refused to expand the program.

Further, if a State simply refuses to accept federal mandates (and the associated “bribe” money) to implement ObamaCare health exchanges, then the entire law falls flat on its face.
That's good news, right?

You'd think this would be a no-brainer for an Ohio “conservative” like Governor John Kasich.

Our Republican elected officials have been very vocal in their opposition to ObamaCare.
And they have routinely claimed to be fiscally conservative, too. So it should be a done deal that ObamaCare will not be implemented in our state.
Then what is the problem?
This Friday, November 16, states are expected to submit their plans for an ObamaCare Exchange, and it now appears that Governor John Kasich is planning to unleash an exchange on Ohioans, and is considering expanding Medicaid as well.
Some estimates suggest the Medicaid expansion could cost Ohio $700 million in 2014-2015 alone, with 320,000 “newly eligible” people qualifying under ObamaCare.

While constitutional conservatives were focused on Tuesday’s election results, Governor Kasich was launching a plan to implement ObamaCare in Ohio.

Kasich believes that shoving ObamaCare down our throats is the only option in light of Obama's reelection.

The governor’s office recently indicated that Kasich is “leaning toward a federal exchange with the state retaining some authority….”

This is stunning news considering that it would pave the way for ObamaCare.
And the truth is, once Ohio expands Medicaid and implements an ObamaCare exchange, there will be no state authority.
Federal law stipulates that ObamaCare exchanges must be operated by the rules and regulations promulgated by the federal Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Succumbing to Obama’s dictates requires that our state relinquish state authority while being responsible for the added costs.

And you will foot that bill!

Call Governor Kasich at 614-466-3555 right away and remind him he works for you and not the health care lobby or the federal government!

Make it clear that you will be watching his actions and that you will hold him accountable should he implement his ObamaCare health exchange scheme or expand Medicaid.

We have come too far to give up now.
We must insist that Kasich refuse the implementation of ObamaCare in Ohio immediately!

It is his responsibility as Governor under the 10th Amendment to stand up to the over-reaching power of the federal government and protect the citizens of Ohio.

Tell Governor John Kasich we expect nothing less!

In Liberty,

Deb Wells
Interim State Coordinator
Ohio Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Contact Governor John Kasich at 614-466-3555 and demand that he refuse all federal “bribe” money and mandates to implement ObamaCare in Ohio.

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