Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Election is Over, But Who Cares? Let’s Turn Over a New Leaf

Barack Obama and most of the thieving, murderous, perverts retained their positions in the Government.  So what.  God is more powerful than Obama and the God-haters who voted for him. 

Even though Obama won, we can still defeat him.  No, I’m not talking about impeachment (though I am all for that).  We can defeat Obama and the forces of Satan by getting back to basics of New Testament ethics.  I am not talking about voting and campaigning (though I have nothing against that).  I am talking about how you live your daily life and how to make right choices.   

On the A Good Choice Blog, we often focus on issues like abortion, homosexuality, and the like.  God’s will concerning these issues are evident from the Scriptures.  Most evangelical Christians acknowledge this.  But on other important issues (which are not necessarily political issues), even most evangelical Christians have missed the boat.  Certain things which were not acceptable in the Church 100 years ago are now commonplace.  Little by little, compromise has set in.  It seems like everywhere I go, Christians use human arguments to justify their actions rather than using New Testament ethics.

We cannot expect to defeat the forces of Satan if we are not using the Bible as a guide for our live in every situation.  It’s not just about voting.  Therefore, I am starting a series of articles on this blog about some of the issues which I believe are the most blatantly ignored by most American Christians.  I believe that God is not happy with how we voted in this election, but He is also very unhappy with us in many other ways.  I am beginning to believe more and more that we need to first preach a message of repentance, and then the return of righteous in government will follow.

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