Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff (2013) movie

Fiscal Cliff (2013), is a new movie starring Barack Obama as Santa Claus. It opens this January in every community across the country.

Be shocked at how fast the money is spent, faster than it can be printed. There is plenty of action when the Leftist Colleges Professors meet the Tea Party Patriots. Watch as the Obama Media goes after those nasty Conservatives, Christians, and Values Voters. These enemies of the Santa State are continuously exposed and maligned for their political incorrectness, and their racism because they oppose Santa Obama and his radical band of elves, Eric, Timmy, Hilary, et al. Get prepared for the climatic end of the movie and of the country…
Check out the movie site, https://www.USA.gov, which explores all the goodies and free stuff that Santa Obama has in store for illegal aliens coming to our shore and thru our porous borders from all over the world! Come Mr. Dasher, Ms. Dancer, Miss Prancer and Mr. and Mrs. Amnesty, too... 

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