Friday, November 23, 2012

Wind Power - The Answer Ain't Blowin in the Wind!

The raging socialist George Soros’ front group, Citizens for Strength and Security, is pushing continuance of Wind Energy subsidies through radio ads in Ohio. This group is telling Ohioans to contact their representatives in Congress in Washington to continue to fund the subsidies provided to Wind Energy “producers.” Citizens for Strength and Security is an innocuous sounding name, but actually represents a threat to American public policy and society as a whole. Its ideology and that of Barack Obama and other extreme environmentalist is toxic to the American society and way of life!

Wind power has been rightfully described as foolish, unreliable, expensive, and utterly impractical. Instead of going “forward” with a responsible energy policy the Obama regime is taking several steps backwards when it sides with unproven or disproven energy alternatives. It obstinately opposes the practical use of resources with which America is blessed, namely coal, oil, and gas.

Ostensibly, the Leftists base their belief for advancement of Alternative Fuel sources on the ridiculous premise that we can ameliorate man-caused global warming via control of carbon dioxide gases, but really desire primarily to control all aspects of Americans’ live. They have already made “progress” on ripping healthcare choice and freedom from Americans through the massively expensive and flawed ObamaCare law. They don’t care about healthcare or energy; they care about control and expanding the reach of government.

TAKE ACTION. Contact your Congressional representatives and indicate that you oppose additional subsidies for Wind and Solar and request action on a Balanced National Budget.

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  1. Wind power has been used for centuries and is good source of power under some circumstances. Depending on where you live, it could be a way to increase your self-sufficiency. But I agree with you that subsides for it are wrong. But I also believe that the oil and coal subsides that most Republicans support are equally wrong. The government should stop picking winners and losers.