Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Here is what Don Hazen, Executive Editor of the ultra-liberal online leftist red rag AlterNet, wrote recently to his low information readers (that is if their primary source of information is AlterNet!). The title of his briefing was "America's Gun and Violence Crisis." To the Left, they never want a good crisis go to waste. Sometimes they will even invent one is there isn't one. Here is a paragraph from his briefing that blames the NRA for Sandy Hook.

The NRA Problem
With the mass murders, it is the NRA that is most culpable. The NRA has been transformed from an organization primarily about gun safety to one taken over by gun zealots. The NRA protects the ability of virtually anyone to get their hands on guns, even the most powerful assault weapons like those used in recent killings. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the developed world. For the NRA, "freedom" is now defined as the ability to carry a concealed handgun virtually anyplace.

What about the godless, corrupt secular humanistic (unconstitutional) state religion which has replaced true Judeo-Christian values, virtues, principles and practices in our government schools? Doesn’t the Constitution say something about the government establishing a religion?

What about the unenforced immigration laws and our unsecured borders allowing guns and illegals to enter this country in droves? What about our government's Fast and Furious attempt to besmirch gun as an excuse to control guns. Some of them are even Islamic Terrorists?

What about gangs that roam our streets, who don’t bother registering or obeying existing gun laws, or any other laws for that matter?

What about the foolish bleeding heart liberal idea of sweeping the institutionalized and dangerous mentally ill out of mental hospitals and into our streets free to act out their violent impulses without restraint?

What about the innumerable amount of Hollywood produced films and television programs that glamorize the most vile and violent filth corrupting the minds of teens and adult audiences alike?

What about the music industry’s gangster inspired music that glorifies the violent, perverted nature of man? And what about the radio stations and MTV that proliferate this garbage?

What about corrupting influence of groups and organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who protect and promote pornographers and other odious elements of society against the upright and righteousness?

Mr. Hazen you blame the NRA? All they want to do is to protect the God-given right each American has to protect themselves with their weapon of choice. Why do you insist on punishing law-abiding citizens while ignoring the real causes? The root causes are: criminal or culture-killing elements like gangs, gangster rap, bloody movies and TV, wrong public policy dealing with the mentally ill, culture corrupters like the ACLU and Freedom from Religion Foundation?

You want to blame the gun, the ‘assault’ rifle, bullets, clips, magazines, but you ignore the real causes.

Gun violence is a huge problem for our society and a top editorial priority for AlterNet.

You say gun violence is a huge problem. It is the person or persons causing the gun violence that is/are the problem. It is the environment, the milieu, the culture. It is not the guns. It will not help by disarming law-abiding citizens, regardless of what their weapon of choice is.

Let’s go after the real culprits: gang-bangers, the gun runners bringing guns and illegals into this country.

We need to revisit public policy toward the mentally ill. We must look up those who would bring harm to others by their demonstrated past actions and bizarre behaviors

Why not tax or fine the movie, video game, TV, music industries, if they continue to insist on producing violence-inspiring products. We have done that to the tobacco industry. Maybe someone ought to bring class action lawsuits against some of these industries. Maybe that would get their attention. Why doesn’t AterNet get behind this movement? Is it because it does not fit with your political agenda?

Leave law-abiding citizens and their guns alone.

Focus on the root causes of problem of gun violence in our society: cultural corruption, the criminal element including illegal aliens, gang-bangers, the truly insane and THEIR guns.

NRA works to "normalize" gun violence by sponsoring and collaborating with the production and marketing of violent video games, which deeply affect children and adolescents.

This is the most absurd thing I have heard lately. Compared to the sheer volume of very violent Hollywood produced movies and video games and the corrupting affect they have on our children and youth, the NRA is not at all a factor.

Mr. Hazen, you want to disarm the very people, law abiding citizens, who need and who would be the first line of defense against the criminal element, be it an individual, a gang, or a government. What a foolish stand you take. Grab the guns of the right people – the criminals, the gangs, the gun-runners…
I would venture to say that tomorrow when President Obama reviews his 19 actions that he could/will take by executive order to deal with the "Gun and Violence" crisis, he will not address ANY of the real or root causes. All he and the Left want is more control...

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