Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Fiscal Cliff in Terms of a Family Budget

Hat tip goes to David Limbaugh and Ken Gardner @kesgardner who tweeted the following picture, which is a clear depiction of the fiscal situation existing in America today under President Barack Obama.

What household could sustain such irresponsible management of its finances? Then why do we accept such mismanagement by our government?

The simple solution is to cut spending, stop borrowing, and live within our means. For nearly four years the U.S. Senate has refused to submit a budget. They do not want to make the tough decisions that are necessary to balance revenues and expenses, like any credible organization or individual household must.

The President and both political parties in  Congress lack the courage to deal with the problem. They continue to postpone the actions and steps necessary to deal with the problem and avoiding any repercussions that may result from those decisions. They want to maintain their cushy jobs, power, and prestige.

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