Saturday, January 12, 2013

Support the 'Prioritize Spending Act of 2013' (H.R. 149)

Both H.R. 149, introduced earlier this month in the House of Representative by Representative Daniel Webster of Florida, and a similar bill introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senator Pat Toomey, are a good first step in the upcoming and newest "DEBT CEILING CRISIS" battle. This idea of prioritizing key government expenditures will force the current regime in Washington to deal once and for all with its long-term, grievious, uncontrolled addiction to spending beyond its means.

Every effort should be made in both the House and Senate to pass this bill. In the likely event that the debt ceiling is not approved at the last minute again, this bill clearly outlines what items should be paid with the funds that come in each month.

Here is a letter I recently wrote to my representative in support of this legislation:

Re: H.R. 149: To specify the priority of the obligations of the United States Government if the debt ceiling is reached.

Dear Representative:

I strongly support Rep. Daniel Webster's bill, H.R. 149, because I do not to see America in the position of having to accept more debt, increasing the Debt Ceiling, without any reductions or curbing of the current spending. I would rather see the government shut down after these priorities are taken care of each month:

(1) Payments of interest owed to creditors

(2) Social Security Payments to Seniors

(3) Payments to Active Military Personnel

Further priorities of remaining funds should be a joint effort of Congress and the President...

We must start to live within our means. The President and Congress REFUSE to address the problem of OVERSPENDING, so something drastic must be done - like saying NO to increasing the debt ceiling without SUBSTANTIAL, CONCURRENT reductions in 2013 SPENDING not the PROMISE of spending reductions on Tuesday, the first week in January in 2023, the next decade!

In addition we must move away from base line budgeting and implement a real across-the-board spending reduction plan such as the Mack Penny Plan, where spending is reduced by 1% each year until the budget is balanced.

We demand that Congress submit and approve a budget before any debt ceiling is even considered!

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