Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Geneva Bible

Unlike the King James Version of the Bible, the Geneva Bible was not a version produced by the establishment or government of any nation.  I have not examined it yet, but the Geneva Bible is appealing to me because it was translated by Christian who being persecuted for doing so.  This tends to lead me to believe that they were more sincere than the translators of the KJV.  God seems to do his best work when Christians are being persecuted because it is then that they rely most on God.  And from the KJV onward, it seems like the translations become less and less literal with time.  The translators seem to put more of their own ideas and theology into their work as the history of English Bible translating goes forward.  I believe that no translation is perfect, but I tend to trust persecuted Christians over a drunken king and modern scholars with their modern denominational biases.

And by the way, CBD has this Bible cheaper than Kirk Cameron.

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