Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Washington Audacity or Idiocy?

I'm puzzled. Why is the U.S. Senate wasting precious time focusing on Gun Control and Amnesty, when it should be coming up with a Budget and working on avoiding another last minute, manufactured, avoidable Debt Ceiling crisis?
Where are the leaders?

It has been four years since the last budget has been submitted by the Senate. Harry Reid is not doing his job. Mitch McConnell is allowing him to get away with it. Both the GOP and the Democrats are culpable.

We really need term limits to throw these bums out. They are derelicts. They are spending addicts. They are power hungry, and concerned with one thing, siphoning as many funds for themselves from We The People, the American taxpayers.

Yes, it’s time to throw the bums out again in 2014. The Ray Stevens Video below is a few years old, but it is still applicable to 2013, and more importantly to 2014.

Let’s pass term limits, too…

The bums’ posteriors, which currently amply fill Congressional seats to capacity in Washington, D.C. are refusing to deal with core issues. They like to deal with side issues and want to obfuscate instead of deal with the main problem(s) head on… So, let’s get some new blood – replace the whole lot!

Let’s follow Obama’s “new” Organizing for Anarchy (OFA), the Saul Alinsky model used so successfully by the Left, and the main stream media relentless pursuit as an agenda example.

However, let’s not use the tactics of the Left: perpetual lies, distortions, race-baiting, etc., but let’s learn from them. Instea, let’s use truth, education, and historical foundational principles. Let’s begin recruiting, championing, and campaigning for some real unBoehners, true Conservatives, as well as Conservative ideals and values …

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