Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'Satan' Wishes Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby to Roe-v-Wade

I first posted the following on the Politics Forum this evening.
Here is the latest message from Satan to America: "Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby."

Is Satan talking about the dastardly Roe v Wade decision, or is he mocking America for being deceived into allowing the abortion of 55 million babies since that infamous SCOTOS 1973 decision?

Here is one slick, yet extremely sick and tasteless ad placed by the Center for 'Reproductive Rights' which is an obviously Pro-Death leftist organization:

Yes, Roe v. Wade did change history, but for the worse.

Mehcad Brooks, whoever he is, in my estimation plays an excellent Satan in this despicable ad, which 'celebrates' the infamous and fatal (to over 55 million babies) SCOTUS decision 40 years ago.

Satan, or Mr. Brooks, claims to be showing his love for 'reproductive freedom' for ALL women (intentionally not mentioning the mothers choice to murder their children, denying the children THEIR basic God-given right to Life!).

This is a good example of how low our society has sunk, how corrupted our culture has become.

Stop Abortion Now!

Hat tip goes to and his daily Washington Watch program, which I heard today on American Family Radio. He referred to the above ad in his show today.


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  1. Others were also disgusted with the Pro-Death ad.

    VIDEO: FOX News Slams Mehcad Brooks’ Pro-Choice PSA