Saturday, December 06, 2014

Confronting Obamagration Head On (Not)

It appears to me that the GOP leadership in the House of Representative led by its Speaker, the blowhard blustering Boehner, has already conceded having any kind of significant opposition to the President in regard to his illegal and unconstitutional executive pardoning or amnestying of millions of illegal aliens.  Apparently the voice of the corporate cronies of the GOP sitting in the Chamber of Commerce is louder and holds more sway with the inner circles of the GOP than does the voice of the American people!

Cartoon by Rick McKee as found at 11/26/2014
It never ceases to amaze me that We the People continually get double-crossed by these fake election-time conservatives. These politicians hiding their real selves in their Washington backroom cocoons and like butterflies, emerge after elections morphing into pretty moderate do-nothings holding tightly to the status quo as they assume or resume power. It’s shameful.  You come to expect the lies and deceit from the Democrat Party, but the GOP, especially the country-club elite set, is vying for the honor of being the most disingenuous.

There was a vote in the House last week, which stated the objections of the Republicans to the Presidents executive amnesty order. The “powerful” condemnation was absolutely meaningless without the intent to immediately stop ANY and ALL funding for the President's illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty order, which unilaterally changes the Federal immigration laws with no input from Congress.

The GOP seems to want Amnesty to placate their big business backers. The Democrats want amnesty to soothe its base and to eventually gather more voters. Essentially the GOP is voting to accept the President’s amnesty all the while pretending to be opposed. The key word here is pretending! Neither party seems at all concerned about what the American people want, which is no amnesty for illegal aliens!

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