Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Is a Classic Battle Brewing for 2016, Warren v. Cruz?

It seems that the strongest base of support on the Left and on the Right is rallying around two true believers in their respective ideologies. Which way would America choose if she was given two “pure” choices instead of the pretend politicians who strive to be everything to everybody, but stand for nothing? What does Hilary bring to the table? She brings a boatload of baggage beginning with her handling of Benghazi, the BenghaziGate scandal. Who can forget those infamous words, “What difference does it make?” It makes very big differences, Mrs. Rodham-Clinton, a very big difference. And what if the GOP produces another McCain, Romney, or Bush who merely mouth conservative and Republican platform ideas, but once challenged back off quicker than a roach when it sees a can of Raid coming its way? I didn’t really mean to insult cockroaches by comparing them to RINOs.

We need a fair fight of ideologies. If the Americans are once again hoodwinked by the Democrats or if they allow the Republicans to nominate another unprincipled Democrat-lite candidate, then we deserve to lose our country.

What I would be anxious to see would be legitimate battle between the fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren, versus the real Texan, Ted Cruz. It would be a real dramatic and vicious dogma fight. It would be a battle between

·         Radical Liberalism versus Patriotic Conservativism

·         Wrong versus Right

·         Evil or bad policies versus moral or good policies

·         Pink versus Red, White, and Blue

Let the electioneering begin!

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