Thursday, December 04, 2014

Obama's Illegal and Unconstitutional Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Who Cares?

The Conservative Tribune had an article entitled, BREAKING: House Successfully Makes Massive Move Against Obama, documenting today's simply symbolic vote by the House of Representatives to essentially slap the wrists of the President for his massively illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty decree. Its like telling Jeffrey Dahmer, you did wrong and we know it, but we will let you go free! Pitiful.

This symbolic vote, like so many passed by Speaker Boehner led House is absolutely meaningless without immediately stopping ANY and ALL funding for the President's illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty order which unilaterally changes the Federal immigration laws. This vote serves as a smokescreen or cover for the real intent of the Republicans hierarchy. The GOP wants Amnesty in order to placate their big business backer buddies. The Democrats want amnesty to placate its base and to eventually attract more voters. Neither party seems at all concerned about what the American people want, which is no amnesty for illegal aliens!
Here is the conclusion thought of the article referenced above:

Sadly, this is just more of the same of what we have come to expect from the ineffectual GOP leadership in Congress.  They will continue to try and work with Democrats, and will fight tooth and nail to prevent true conservatives with actual solutions and plans to confront Obama from succeeding.

A Cartoon by Lisa Benson as found on 12/4/2014


The enemy of Conservatives in and outside of Congress today are the Democrats and the Republican leadership, their benefactors, and their consultants.


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