Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The GOP Can Now Only Be Described As A Team of Looters!

Today the U.S. House of Representative under the ever compromising and traitorous eye of its inglorious Speaker John Boehner introduced a horrible bill that aims to continue to fund this obese and growing government colossus set on advancing radical leftist policies.

John Boehner: No ripple but Ripple?

Come hell or high water Speaker John Boehner is determined not to cause a ripple of resistance to the Progressive tide that is the scandal plagued Obama Administration’s agenda! Is the only ripple John knows is the kind that comes in a bottle?
Seriously, why are the Republicans betraying those who helped them win election after election not even two months ago? Are they so drunk with power now they can do whatsoever their spending-addicted little hearts desire? Why are they so easily surrendering to, and compromising with the Democrat Party elitists, who consist of radicalized ideologues like Obama? What does the GOP stand for now, besides using the power they deceptively gained and going all out to preserve the status quo? John Boehner, his RINO disciples and his gal pal San-Fran Nan Pelosi don’t give a Red Rip or a plug nickel about what the American people want, need, think, or desire.
Republicans: Losers and/or Looters
So what does the latest spending bill offered by the Republicans do?

·         Pages 958 and 959 of the 1,603-page omnibus spending bill from House Speaker John Boehner include a provision that gives Social Security benefits to illegal aliens under President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty. Read more here.

·         Fully funds departments helping those illegally crossing our borders. $948 million for HHS illegal immigrant assistance, for example. An increase of $80 million. Another $14 million goes to schools taking in illegal immigrants and State Department gets $260 million to assist central American countries where the illegals are invading from. 

·         Fully funds ObamaCare.

·         Funds a pork project for ousted Republican Eric Cantor. 

·         You like your mail on Saturdays? You'll keep your mail on Saturdays. The bill requires the mail service to continue six-day deliveries, despite a years-long attempt to cut back on service to save money. You can read more in the recent spending analysis of the House’s CROMNIBUS bill in this Washington Post article. Click here.

Hat tip goes to the Patriot Action Network for their special alert sent in regard to this newest challenge to our republic.

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