Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pushing a Poisonous Progressive Agenda

Winning at all Costs with Lies, Deceit, and Lawlessness

Mr. Barack Obama in cahoots with his comrades in Congress, including their compromising RINO colleagues spearheaded by Mr. Speaker, and with the mid-term election behind them, is now free to move uninhibitedly on an extremist liberal action plan for America.

Following the hollowed “success” of the Affordable Care Act, here is what has happened just since the election, here’s what the President is doing on his own along with his progressive playmates in Congress.

·         Pressing forward with an unlawful, unconstitutional executive amnesty order

·         Warming up to the Cuban dictatorship [while increasingly freezing our relationship with our best friends in the Middle East, Israel)

·         Naming of an amnesty-approving head of the Department of Justice

·         Naming a soap opera star (and major Obama donor) appointed to  an important central European ambassadorship

·         Naming of a staunch pro-ObamaCare and gun-control advocate as Surgeon General

·         Nominating  Matthew “Benghazi was a Hoax” Butler for a seat on the four-person U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). For years, as CEO Mr. Butler led George Soros bankrolled Media Matters in their relentless quest to damage the pro-liberty movement by spreading false information about targeted organizations including True The Vote...
I will be watching, tracking, and adding to this list that assures the continual and incremental destruction of our nation. With tepid opposition expected from the bashful traitor John Boehner and his kissing cousin Mitch McConnell “led” House and Senate, respectively, all we can do is work and pray for a change in leadership or a change in heart of the current leadership. Right now it’s Washington versus America, and Washington is winning…

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