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George Soros versus the Koch Brothers

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How the Koch Network Funnels Anonymous Millions to Fight Women's Rights One funding recipient supports causes such as fighting same-sex marriage and outlawing abortion,” is another article I saw today on The author, Joan Shipps, describes some of the organizations supported by the Koch brothers. Personally I think the much maligned and marginalized by the media Kochs help to counter the some of the evil advanced by extremist leftist George Soros through his  own "generous" contributions.

First, I have to define the much misused and disingenuous term, “Women’s Rights,” which to the Left primarily means allowing mothers to kill their preborn babies, who are developing human beings.  Actually abortion is a sacred sacrament of the Left. Well, here is what I wrote in response to the biased liberal article identified above:

I could say the same thing and worse, Joan, about leftist funders like George Soros.


How the Soros Network Funnels Anonymous Millions to Abortion Advocates, Same-sex "marriage" Activist Organizations


Soros aids hundreds of left-wing groups in America each year under the auspices of his Open Society Foundations. Soros established the Program on Reproductive Health and Rights, which has given millions to pro­abort causes. Ellen Chesler, author of Woman of Valor: Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement in America, is director of the Soros ­backed program.


The Soros network is decidedly extreme left-wing: pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-homosexual "marriage", pro-drug legalization, pro-union and pro-government-funded media as well as anti-faith, anti-death penalty and as anti-conservative as they come.

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