Saturday, December 13, 2014

Senator Ted Cruz Chastises Colleagues on Senate Floor on 12/12/2014

Senator Ted Cruz (Real R-TX) dares once again to go against the grain – the business as usual Senate and his own party, which seeks so the status quo. In Senator Cruz’s speech last night castigated the atrocious, pork-filled, wanton Amnestying-funding CRomnibus spending bill. He blasts his fellow Congress members, the President and the entire Washington establishment.

He is one of the few voices in Washington, D.C. who is on the side of We the People! The gutsy Senator from Texas has to not only tangle with the destructive progressive-agenda-driven Democrats, he has to battle his own party’s incompetent and unprincipled leadership. He is David contending against a Goliath. We the People are the stones that must support him and his fellow true Conservatives in overcoming the evil that inhabits and motivates so much of Washington, D.C. Unfortunately Washington treats Americans as Wee-on-the-People...

Watch and learn from the YouTube video above the words and heart of a true courageous champion. Unfortunately, there are far too few of his tribe in Washington.

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