Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Derail the Kagan Nomination

Portrait of a Nominee cartoon found on www.PatriotUpdate.com 5/11/10

Bill Wilson writes in his Daily Jot article, “The Prophetic Significance of the Kagan Supreme Court Nomination--Separation from God,” which is a very powerful expose of the President’s nomination of radical liberal Elena Kagan to fill the U.S. Supreme Court’s latest vacancy.

Wilson accurately asserts,

“The least credentialed president of the past 60 years has tagged the least credentialed candidate for a Supreme Court nomination in history. Elena Kagan has

· no judicial experience;
· no paper trail on opinions on important issues;
· has a disdain for the US Military and
· is passionately on board with the homosexual agenda

--that should be enough for any self respecting Christian American to take to the streets in protest. It should be enough for any self respecting American to demand in the strongest possible terms that this president respect the people enough to appoint a Supreme Court justice whose qualifications reflect the values of the American people rather than some romantic view of communist utopia.”

Furthermore in his article Wilson quotes Ken Klukowski, a Constitutional Attorney and co-author of the new best seller, "The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build and Imperial Presidency" as saying that the President needs Kagan on his Supreme Court “to advance his leftist agenda.”

Wilson also quotes Klukowski,

"... make no mistake: Elena Kagan is a liberal-a brilliant, young, charismatic liberal-and [sic] he picked her because he needs … a Supreme Court that

· will rule that the Constitution allows the federal government to
impose [sic] socialized health care's individual mandate, ordering Americans how they must spend their own money.
· … will allow him to impose job-killing cap-and-trade and card-check rules through executive action, instead of legislation.

· … says you have a right to same-sex marriage-which the
Constitution does not mention-but that you do not have a right to own a gun-which the Constitution explicitly mentions in the Second Amendment."

Kagan is a reflection of Soetoro/Obama, the Leftist Agenda for America, and the poltical and academic elite. She must be defeated. She is being painted by the tainted press as a ‘moderate.’ This is a lie. She is a radical. She will be a radical activist judge, potentially for forty years. She needs to be defeated. If Miguel Estrada and Robert Bork were rejected because of their strict conservative views, than certainly Kagan must be rejected for her radical liberal and socialist views. Fair is only fair is the cry of the Left.


Please sign the petition to stop the Kagan appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court!

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