Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Mini Super Tuesday 5/18/10

*** see these two sources here and here
Today's election could be a bellwether of the upcoming tremendously important election this fall. There are significant races in three states Arkansas, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. There are three important Senate races and one significant congressional race in Pennsylvania today.
If the incumbent or favorite listed in the first column of the table above loses in 2 or more of the four races above, then things bode well for conservatives in the fall election. Personally I would like to see both Sens. Lincoln and Specter soundly defeated as Democratic incumbents who voted ObamaCare against the will of the majority of Americans. I would like to see the two conservatives Rand Paul and Tim Burns win in Kentucky and Pennsylvania, respectively.
Column two outlines the favorites or incumbents in their respective races. The next column identifies their opponents. The fourth column indicates my choice in the election and the last column indicates one pollster prediction of who he thinks wins the election. At least two of the races are too close to call or predict.
It will certainly be an interesting evening ... A preview of things to come ...
If all four incumbents or favorites lose it will be Katy bar the door for the Demoncrates in November. They better start packing up there belongings and prepare to move back home at the end of the year.
Remember in November ... those members of Congress who voted for any or all of the Leftist, Socialist agenda of the current President and his comrades in harm in Congress, the Democratic leadership especially.


gregjaye said...

1 down 3 to go!

BreitbartBigGov reports,"Rand Paul defeated Republican establishment favorite Trey Grayson in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, a closely watched race that was a test of the tea party movement’s strength..."


Matt said...

Arlen Specter lost! His democratic opponent ran a conservative/moderate campaign, and is trying distance himself from Obama, though he does have a very liberal voting record. It will be between him and Toomey in November.

Tim Burns also won.