Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roy Moore for Governor of Alabama

Bobby Allison Endorses Judge Roy Moore for Governor from Herd Records on Vimeo.

The former (and unrightfully ousted) Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is again running for Governor of Alabama. I don’t agree with everything he says (that Muslims should not be allowed to serve as U.S. Representatives), but I think he really belongs on the U.S. Supreme Court, if you ask me. He is a classic, uncompromising, traditional, religious-right conservative running on a states rights, moral values, and small government platform. If you don’t remember the “Ten Commandments Case” in which Judge Moore was removed from his judgeship for refusing to remove a religious display, you must see the video at the link below. Even if you remember it, but haven’t seen the clip of Moore’s testimony you should watch it.

The case against Moore was based on several faulty assumptions. First of all the First Amendment concerns only laws passed by Congress. Even if you consider the first amendment to be properly incorporated into the 14th *(thereby making applicable to the states), it still doesn’t apply in this case because NO LAW WAS PASSED. The ridiculousness of the broadness of interpretation of the Establishment Clause goes without saying as in all other such cases.

If Roy Moore gets elected, you will get one tough hombre who will not back down from a fight. You will get someone who will stand up for what is right.

*Good intentions notwithstanding, it is ridiculous to consider the 14th amendment as a legitimate part of our Constitution since the Union army forced the southern legislatures to ratify it at gunpoint and refused allow its representatives and senators to sit in Congress until they did. If the Southern states never legally seceded as Lincoln maintained, then this is a clear violation of Article V and several other parts of the Constitution. If they did legally secede, then the Congress and the President clearly had no Constitutional authority to force them back into the United States.

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