Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Has Anyone Read the AZ Bill?

Hat tip to GeorgeKPatton, who asks in his YouTube channel video description for a similar video to the one embedded below, “Should (our) nation’s leaders read our laws?”

He continues, “Janet Napolitano tells John McCain (in testimony before a Senate committee that) she is aware of the AZ law but she had not read it. It's only 10 pages...
GeorgeKPatton adds, “3 days after AG Eric Holder admits to not reading law even though he has told everyone they’re gonna get harassed by police for no reason.”
Napolitano … came out against the law with talks of having it overturned and says she wouldn't have signed it. But just like AG Eric Holder, she has not read it,” stated GeorgeKPatton.

He concludes, “Our leaders are hanging the states out to dry.”

One wonders how incompetent or how blinded by their socialist ideology this administration’s officials are. They are seemingly as inept, as they are dishonest. If his lackeys have not read the bill, I wonder, too, if the President has read it before advancing his misguided notions about the law in public.

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