Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pat Sellers for Congress

If Pat Sellers upsets the incumbent Jim Gerlach in the race for Representative in Pennsylvania, it would be an awesome victory for both the fiscal and social conservatives.

Pat Sellers would “End the Fed” (the Federal Reserve, its banks, and its system of fiat currency). He opposes bailouts and all other give-aways, both corporate and private. He supports abolishing the income tax (and not replacing it with anything). He opposes preventative wars, military entanglements, and undeclared wars. He believes that it is time for all of our troops (not just those in Iraq and Afghanistan) to come home and to close our overseas military bases. On abortion and gay marriage he says:

We created our government to protect life and, clearly, life begins at conception. It should be legally so defined. The question then becomes how best to protect the unborn. Congress possesses the means to do so via Article 3, Section 2 of the Constitution, which authorizes Congress to define the jurisdiction of federal courts. Accordingly, Congress could effectively overturn Roe vs. Wade by passing a resolution to disallow federal courts from hearing abortion cases. The states would then have power to pass laws against abortion.

I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. The federal government, however, has no Constitutional authority to legislate marriage.

We would be better off as a society if government at all levels got out of the business of licensing marriages. We should let our churches handle it. Non-believers could get a legal contract drawn up.

If government did not needlessly expand itself into the private lives of citizens, issues such as gay marriage would not be a problem for anyone.

Well articulated.

Jim Gerlach, on the other hand, has a voting record that indicates that he has to go. Gerlach voted yes on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation. He voted yes on ENDA. He voted yes on Cash for Clunkers and the follow-up extra funding of it. He also voted for Nancy Pelosi’s wasteful Housing Foreclosure Assistance Program bill. He voted for the intrusive real ID act. He voted for Federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research 4 times.

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