Monday, May 10, 2010

Robert Owens, Candidate for Ohio Attorney General

Tonight I attended a meeting and heard Robert M. Owens speak. He is running for the chief law enforcement officer in the State of Ohio as a candidate for Attorney General. He is a third party candidate facing Republican-in-name-only, former 'gang of 14' member and former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine and the current Democratic Attorney General, who was elected in the special November '08 election cause by the resignation of former Democratic AG, who had to quit in disgrace.

Is Ohio ready for a third party candidate? Quite frankly, there is a great amount of disgust with both major parties that this may be the year that a third party candidate just might be elected to a statewide office. He will need some financial support in going against the two major parties. Owens ran in November of 2008 in the special election to fill the office held by Mark Dann, who resigned.

One of the things that Mr. Owens said tonight that I really liked was that he would try to clean up the graft and corruption that exists in state government under both the Republican and the Democratic leadership. As a third party candidate he would be in a position to work independently of the Democrats and GOP. I think that Ohio is ready for moving away from business as usual, especially in this critical office. Owens is a no nonsense, honest, patriotic American, a conservative and a bible-believing Christian, and an attorney in private practice.
If elected Owens would shake things up. Things desperately need to be shaken out of their doldrums, corruption and business as usual.

Remember in November the failures of the Republicans and the Democrats and the entrenched bureaucracies and attitudes that run Columbus. Its time to really bring change to the office of Attorney General. Its not a recycled RINO or an ambitious liberal. It's time for real change let's elect Robert Owens as Attorney General - for God and for Ohio.


  1. I'll second that!

  2. Thanks for the tip guys, I was about to vote for Mike DeWine. Good save!