Friday, May 28, 2010

A lack of leadership, that’s our President!

Hat tip goes to the HotAirPundit which posted an article, “NRSC Devastating Ad On Obama's Response To The Gulf Oil Crisis,” includng the embedded video below.


  1. Look at his video:

    Could this be a case of "never let a good crisis go to waste" (in this case to advance an environmentalist agenda)? Was that what he meant by "never again"?

  2. I know this sounds a bit far-fetched, but if Fox News reported it, it must be true – at least in a fair and balanced sort of way.

    (News Corporation/ Claims have now emerged that the oil spill which began over five weeks ago and has since caused unprecedented ecological and economic damage was not the result of human error, but was instead an intentional act of sabotage. Even more surprising is the identity of the alleged perpetrator: the President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama.

    Survivors of the explosion that occurred on April 20 at the Deepwater Horizon oil platform have recently stepped forward to break the code of silence that they say had been imposed upon them by BP. Several now claim that, in the hours preceding the explosion, they glimpsed a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows. They speculate that this person was a sabateur who was in the process of setting explosive charges, which later resulted in the blast that killed dozens of workers.

    Three workers – who happen to be regular Fox News viewers -- describe him as “a tall thin black man.” Said one of them, who spoke on condition of anonymity, “Tall. Thin. Black. Lurking in the shadows. Who else could it be but the President?” His story is supported by the second worker, who said “While I really didn’t get a good enough look to say for sure, I think it’s pretty obvious this was Obama. He had this real elitist way of lurking.” The third worker agrees. “What other person would be so demonically intent on destroying our nation? ”

    Fox News analysts speculate that the President must have flown on Air Force One to the Gulf of Mexico, requisitioned one of the (until now) secret Navy “stealth” boats, launched it from a nearby submarine and moored it to the platform. He then would have climbed the structure using his fiendish strength, his magnetic superpowers, and/or his freakish insectoid clinging ability, and set the explosive charges to go off later, after he had safely escaped.

    These analysts predict, however, that no supporting records of his use of the jet, boat or submarine will be found. “Someone as clever, devious and stealthy as Obama would make sure that no such records exist in the first place. And that no witnesses survive,” said Fox News commentator Ben Gleck. “In fact, the very lack of such records is the most damning evidence against the President.”

    But why would Obama want to do such a thing in the first place? After all, the blast and oil spill have cost lives, destroyed environments, threatened species, damaged our economy and brought pain and misery to thousands. The disaster has not only drained money from Obama’s budget, it has also rendered politically unfeasible Obama’s plans to open up more areas to off-shore drilling.

    “Exactly! It is the very improbability of such a connection that proves Barak Hussein Obama was involved” said Gleck. “Who else would do something so evil yet so perversely NOT in his own self interest?”

    Fox News analyst Bill O’Rannity rejects Gleck’s ideas as extreme. “This wasn’t random evil for its own sake,” said O’Rannity. “No, this was part of an elaborate, devious, self-promoting plot. You see, Obama merely appeared to advocate offshore drilling -- in order to lure Republicans into his parlour, where he could inject them with flesh-liquifying poisons and eat them, leaving only a raw husk behind. He then sabotaged the Deepwater Horizon in order to reneg on his offshore drilling promises, but botched the job, and the damage grew beyond even his nefarious but incompetent control.”

    At 9am today, the White House issued the following statement in response: “WTF?” This was followed by an 11am statement: “We neither confirm nor deny the existence of Presidential superpowers other than the veto.”