Saturday, May 22, 2010

With Apologies


Our President speaks at home and abroad belittling America and condoning global socialism. He and his leftist comrades condemn capitalism, but practice crony capitalism, enriching themselves, their supporters, etc. The President 'earned' $5 million dollars in 2009, yet says
Americans may be making too much money. Does he include himself in that lot? I bet not. He condemns capitalism and the free enterprise system, yet he says nary a word about the outrageous earnings of seedy entertainers, rappers, movie-makers, and athletes.

America is a relative light on a hill compared to the rest of the world. We should not emulate Europe in its failed socialist ways. America aids people all around the world. Anytime there is a natural disaster, America is one of the first responders. It is an almost natural and Christian response that we show time and time again.

You claim, Mr. President, that America is not a Christian nation, yet has a large Muslim presence. Are you out of your mind? You and revisionist historians reject the fact this nation is rooted in a rich Christian foundation in its very governmental structure and laws.

In Congress the Democrats stood and applauded, while you, Mr. President, stood by or maybe even put the Mexican President Calderon up to it - his denunciation and condemnation of the new Illegal Immigration Enforcement law in Arizona. You seem to side more with the global community, than with the American community, which you supposedly serve.


If anything, America should apologize to the world for exporting its perverse entertainment – its pornography and its x-rated films – which poison the minds of people worldwide. Another really gross injustice is our willful killing of pre-born babies to the tune of some 50 million since 1973. We now even export practice as part of population control which operates under the guise of helping to combat AIDS and poverty.

Mr. President if you want to beg forgiveness, those senseless murders are something we should be absolutely ashamed of. You, in fact, have authorized the funding of foreign infanticide shortly after taking office. You have insured abortion be a part of your socialistic comprehensive health care ‘reform’ law.

You and your policies advocate granting special rights, privileges and protections to a special group of people practicing abhorrent behavior – homosexuals, lesbians, ‘transgendered’ and bisexuals. That is another thing America should apologize for – supporting such unnatural, unhealthy and immoral lifestyles.

We should apologize for the widespread extremist environmentalists that we have permitted - poisonous policies, agencies, and regulations. We have allowed Al Gore and so-called scientists to lie about global warming. All this is done to enrich Al Gore and to gain lucrative grants for major universities. That is something for which we should apologize.

I do not hear the President condemn any of the real evils of the world – abortion, homosexual behavior, radical Islamic terrorism, and extreme environmentalism. These are the real societal threats and culture killers. These are the things we should condemn, discourage and stop doing.

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