Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cagey Kagan Hides Her True Views

They're Closeted
There is no doubt about it, Elena Kagan is President Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama’s Harriet Miers. Like Bush’s failed nominee, Miers, Kagan also never served as a judge. Doesn’t the following statement from the Wikipedia entry on Miers sound like it could be written about Kagan?

“Because little was known about Miers' position on divisive issues, and because she had no prior experience as a judge, her nomination was subject to debate on both sides.”

Maybe it isn’t subject to debate by the Democrats in the case of Kagan, because of the fact that she is an accepted radical Leftist and steaming Socialist. However, the little that is known about Kagan’s position such as her pro-abortion, her considering the constitution as a ‘living’ document which is subject to judicial revision, her pro-homosexual, her interpreting our constitution based on international law, and her anti-military stances are anathema to traditional American values - are enough evidence to reject her nomination. Her political bias and activism and her radical liberal philosophies do not allow her from being an objective interpreter of the law.

Further the Liberty Council in their white paper, “Obama Nominates Elena Kagan to Reshape the Supreme Court into his Political Image,” captures the essence of why the Kagan nomination must be rejected:

“Appointments such as this [ appointing someone who shares Obama’s liberal judicial and political philosophies and has been a longtime political supporter ], where the President’s appointment is based on FAVORITISM and FRIENDSHIP rather than the EXPERIENCE and QUALIFICATIONS of the nominee, are precisely why we called for the withdrawal of Harriet Miers when she was nominated by George W. Bush. It is also why the Founding Fathers placed a check on the President’s power of appointment, requiring the advice and consent of the Senate.”

So like the rejection of the Harriet Miers nomination, I urge my Senators and all Senator’s to reject this ultra-liberal, because of her bigotry and bias toward life, toward Christianity, toward traditional American values including the exclusivity of marriage between a man and a woman and her radical activist political bent. We do not need the type of individual who will unceasingly work to destroy the very foundations of American life and liberty.

Kagan does not only mirror Miers in many regards, but also Soetoro alias Obama. Little was known about him prior to his election, or little vetting was performed by the pro-Leftist laying (or lying or leaning - take your pick!) press of the then Presidential candidate. He hid well his true colors. Now that he is in power the ugliness of his positions surface in his obvious contempt of the American people, American exceptionalism, and American values. Kagan is trying the same tactic. Hopefully we won't be fooled twice.
Contact your United States Senators and demand that they reject the Kagan nomination on the grounds mentioned above. We need a fair minded, experienced interpreter of the law not a law-maker or tyranny-creator.

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