Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The President’s BP Shakedown

Cartoon by Lisa Benson as found on 6/18/10

Creates Oil Slush Fund

Like his Leftist comrades-in-harm and fellow shakedown artists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama pressured BP last week to cough up $20 Billion to fund a slush fund to be managed by the administration's unaccountable pay czar Kenneth Feinberg. What a deal for the regime. They get to channel money to whomever they deem appropriate. For some reason, I don't trust either the President or his czar ...

BP is responsible for the oil spill and they have been and will continue to pay dearly for their apparent negligence. However, the act of the President in pressuring BP for ‘protection’ money looks like a tactic more suited for the Chicago mob or street thugs use. It looks like the shakedown tactics of an extortionists like Jackson or Sharpton would use to pry money out of a big pocketed corporation to avoid causing an ugly confrontation with trumped up civil rights allegations. Maybe the President wants to be a Justice brother with Jesse and Al?

Actually, I see little difference between the goons in the White House and those on the nasty streets in the ‘hood.

The President has mishandled, muffed and mislead in the Gulf oil disaster. He seemingly want it to be worse than it needs to be. He seems willing to do anything or nothing at all if it advances his devilish agenda, the establishment of a European-styled socialist utopia. Socialism is an abject failure. He has closed his eyes to that fact and reality. Instead, he chooses to foolishly march forward leaving America in his drive toward totalitarian Marxism. What else could account for his pernicious and copious lies and radical policies, bills and actions?

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