Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama Fires McChrystal

I haven’t been following the events surrounding the “war on terror” lately because I gave it up as a lost cause a long time ago. Obviously the mission has nothing to do with keeping us safe. Any captures or killings of actual Al Qaeda members could just be coincidence as far as I can tell. But if no one else on this blog is going to comment on this story about McChrystal’s remarks and subsequent firing, then I will.

It is ironic that General Stanley McChrystal is one of the few generals who voted for Obama and now he’s fired. The firing was over comments which McChrystal made about the war effort in Afghanistan particularly directed at Joe Biden in a Rolling Stone article. Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense who hired McChrystal in the first place, has, according to CNN, opposed the firing, but later endorsed Obama’s decision. I think it’s like the blind firing the blind myself.

The other aspect of this case is that General Petraeus is actually being demoted to fill McChrystal’s place. If you recall, Petraeus was promoted from overseeing the Iraq war to being over all forces in the Middle East.

McCain recently grilled Petraeus about setting timelines for withdraw from Afghanistan. Petraeus indicated that he and Obama had agreed to set a tentative date of July of 2011 for withdraw. McCain expressed his concern that that would allow the terrorists to wait us out and that they would spring back into action after the redeployment. I’d be willing to bet that it never happens in this administration. Petraeus actually fainted during that exchange. A couple years ago Petraeus couldn’t answer a question about whether or not it would be constitutional for the President to go to war with Iran without approval from Congress. Who is going to take over for Petraeus as General over all the operations in the Middle East? Bill Ayers? God help us!

None of these guys has any respect for the Constitution, the lives of innocent children being killed by the drone attacks, or the freedom of America. It’s all just a money-making game to them. It’s a pay back for campaign contributions. Thousands of American families are without fathers because of these wars. The increase in single parent families is further exacerbating the moral decay in our country. And we are going to be enslaved by our debtors (like the Chinese and Saudi Arabians) if don’t stop wasting so much money! I’d rather be poor in a country whose God is the Lord than rich in an amoral one where we have to lick the hand of our godless providers in Washington. I’d rather be killed by a terrorist than be a slave. Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me death!”

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