Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mini Super Tuesday 6/8/10

Like the previous mini Super Tuesday election held on 5/18/10, tonight’s primary election is an important barometer for what is to come in November. Will incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln (AR), like entrenched 'moderates' Arlen Specter and Bob Bennett, be defeated? Will strong conservatives emerge as GOP candidates to battle the Democrats this fall? Will the Tea Party Movement momentum continue with victories by DeVore and/or Angle?

If all four of my picks win tonight, then I would say that there is a definite trend to fire congress and to elect a much more conservative element. Things would then seem to bode well for conservative candidates this fall. It is not an R and D thing, it is a conservative thing.

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  1. Sharron Angle won, let the smears begin ... http://hotairpundit.blogspot.com/2010/06/one-hour-after-sharron-angle-wins-in.html

    Nikki Haley won most votes, but is in a run-off ...

    Lincoln weakly won ...

    DeVore lost, California lost ...