Sunday, June 27, 2010

Leftist Garofalo invited to a Tea Party

Hat tip to NewsBusters who posted an article this morning, “ Janeane Garofalo's a Racist Redneck: Expresses Disappointment With Obama.” She is a radical leftist activist, who in the past has called Tea Party participants ‘racists.’ This year she has been again been invited to a Tea Party event, the Dallas Tea Party to be held on Sunday, July 4th. See the video below.

Here is a portion of an
A. V. Club interview that was cited in the NewsBusters article referenced above. It gives a glimpse into the vicious hatred that she and her Leftist comrades have for Tea Party patriots and America in general . . .

AVC: You’ve also been called out by name and invited to tea parties by people like Deroy Murdock and other African-Americans within the Tea Party—people who probably don’t know you from anything else ostensibly just so they can prove to you that there are minorities involved, so therefore they aren’t racists.

JG: But not really. They’ve put that out on their side. They have never really invited me. They claim that they have, but they really haven’t. And having said that, I would never go. They will always say, “I invited so and so, and she declined,” when they’ve never gotten in touch with me. [Laughs.] But then also, a lot of the things they say I say, I’ve never said. . . .

AVC: And I do worry that characterizing the entire movement as racist is dismissive enough to make it one of those “us-vs.-them” situations that you were so against before—in a way that it almost hinders the argument.

I don’t think it does. I think what hinders the argument is when people are afraid of hurting the feelings of racists and people who are genuinely—some of them—out of their minds. They demand to see Obama’s birth certificate. They claim that he wants to kill our grandparents with his health care. They want to be able to carry their guns into every public place. Why do we need to coddle these people? And in this case, I guess it is an “us-vs.-them,” in that I don’t see how people who demand to see his birth certificate, and people who don’t want health care, and who come armed to town-hall meetings—there is a distinct difference between that kind of citizen and another kind of citizen . . .

Really, is it racist to question the qualifications of a person to be President? Is it racist to disagree with the type of 'reform' to our healthcare system that is being legislated, which necessarily and essentially includes healthcare rationing and death panels? Is it racist to exercise one's right to own and carry a gun? Who's the racist, who's the unAmerican?

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