Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Extraordinary Measures (2010)

Harrison Ford stars as an eccentric scientist studying enzymes with the intent to help understand and treat a rare childhood disease, Pompe. The story revolves around a young couple with three children, two of which have been struck with an insidious debilitating disease, which is incurable. Extraordinary Measures is the account of a father’s intense unselfish love for his children.

Ford’s character and the young father meet as the result of the father’s self-directed research into everything he could find out about his children’s disease. That search led him to Nebraska and the cookie research scientist. They strike up a relationship, which is up and down, rocky and smooth. The acting of the middle daughter is touching. She refuses to give in to her disability. She has an intense passion to live. He is courageous, determined and seems to live as normal a life as she can despite her condition. Her father both admires and empathizes her fight for life.

The movie reminds me of the intense love that God the Father has for human beings. He is the patient and persistent, loving hound of heaven, pursuing His creatures. The little girl is the person who cannot overcome their lot in life and at the mercy of an advocate. We are like that little girl, we need to keep fighting for life while submitting to the will of God, who is seeking and wants only the best for us.

Although the movie is not openly Christian it has a strong godly, biblical message. First, love is a value, an attitude, a virtue and a behavior that bodes well for any father or leader. Being a father or a mother is an unselfish deal. Second, it is illustrative of the only sound and biblical marriage relationship. As a couple is united and dedicated to doing the very best for their children they too grow individually and collectively. The movie is a wonderful demonstration of the committed marriage relationship in spite of great obstacles and difficulty. Third, never give up. Fight the battle, fight what what is right. Be courageous in the face of fear. Fourth, it shows the power of the coalition. The extraordinary parent teamed up with an extraordinary scientist and you will have to watch the movie to find out what happens!


I had wanted to see this movie for some time, but I think it had a somewhat limited engagement in the theaters. Why? It must have been too meaningful, too moral, too enlightening for the Hollywood induced numbness that permeates today’s typical movie fare. This is an excellent movie. I purchased it by faith and was rewarded. If you can’t afford it, rent it or check it out at your local library. It is well worth it. I would rate the flick **** ½ out of *****.

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