Sunday, June 06, 2010

God is Masculine

Last week I wrote a blog article, “What Gender is God?” Fellow A Good Choice …. blogger Matt made the following comments about that article. Following his comment is my response.

“I agree that God is masculine, but saying that he has testicles is a little weird. Yes, man is made in the image of God, but I don’t really think that God even wants us to ponder about that part of his anatomy. Some things may be better left unsaid (just a suggestion).

“Also you said, “God sired a son.” Do you believe that God had sex with Mary like the Mormons??? If not, please explain so that the readers of this blog don’t misunderstand you!”
It is good that you believe that God is masculine. Unfortunately, there are others who don’t know or don’t teach that God is masculine. Some people teach that God is feminine. Some teach God is both feminine and masculine while others teach God is neither or neuter. To counter this bad set of thinking strong specific language is needed. Testicles are needed for masculinity since they produce the masculine hormones. These hormones are what make for masculine behavior. Men that are lacking in intestinal fortitude are said to be without a pair of balls. A man with a physical defect could not serve as a priest before God. One such physical defect was if his stones were damaged (Lev. 21:20). I had never thought of such things until a pastor told me, “Scholars don’t know if God is masculine because they don’t know if He has testicles or not.” So now, I want everyone to know God has testicles.

Don’t you believe God begat a Son? Remember John 3:16 … He gave His only begotten Son … That’s what sire means: Father and to beget.

I do not know what the Mormons teach about God and Marry. I do know what the Holy Bible teaches. A virgin shall conceive (Isa. 7:14), and The Holy Ghost shall come upon Mary and the power of the Highest shall over shadow her … (Luke 1:35). A physical baby boy was to be born who would be called the Son of God (Luke 1:35). I know what conception is. It is the union of sperm and egg. Putting this together we see that God, while maintaining Mary’s virginity, placed a physical sperm in her womb which united with Mary’s egg and she conceived and gave birth nine months later to a man child.

In Psalm 2:7 God declares, “You are my Son this day I have begotten you.” That day was in eternity which means that Jesus has always existed as the Son of God even before conception. The second person of the trinity is divine and one substance with the Father.

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