Friday, June 18, 2010

President’s handling of the Gulf oil spill: just words, just speeches, just inaction

The Gulf Oil Spill: a Disgusting Comedy of Errors

Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama’s words are just not sucking up the oil. He has shown little leadership. As a community organizer he learned to tear down, not build up, not lead. But wasn’t he the one that said something about, “
Just words … just speeches”?
The people closest to the problem in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi said they needed various things earlier and were ignored. The federal government in this crisis has by its inaction demonstrated more incompetence that the local, state and federal governments did during Katrina. Now it is the states that are demanding action, seemingly trying to take the lead, they are even providing specific requests, but their requests fall on deaf bureaucratic ears, or is that bureaucratic errors? In other words our impotent and inept government is exacerbating the problem, not alleviating it!

The President has not waived the Jones Act to permit foreign ships to come in to help vacuum the oil. Governor Jindal of Louisiana wanted to have barriers built to keep the oil out of his states marshes. He has not received any response or assistance from the his requests.

In the ABC News video below a recent example is given showing useless bloated bureaucratic radical agenda-driven governmental agencies and an equally inept Soetoro/Obama Administration, which has caused unnecessary delays in helping contain the spill’s damage.

I must conclude one of three things are happening: (1) the President and his administration is absolutely incompetent, or (2) they are willfully negligent, or (3) they are deliberately trying to worsen the degree of the crisis to move their job killing, industry crippling cap and trade legislation and agenda through Congress. Maybe it is a combination of all three.

I heard a couple of talk show hosts this week mention that former President Jimmy Carter must have a really big smile on his face this week. Finally, there is a worse President than he was, and he can now relinquish that honor before he passes away …

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  1. Obama does not need to "do" anything but protect us from the regulators. Just tell the governors that they can go ahead and do whatever they need to do and ignore the coast guard and the EPA, etc. The Constitution is the answer: the federal gov't has no right to be involved at all.