Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chicago Gun Ban Struck Down by the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has finally used its authority to do something right! Though I don't believe that the fourteenth amendment was properly ratified, I don't think that it was needed in this case. The right to bear arms is a natural right which should be upheld regardless of what the Constitution says. The Constitution does not merely forbid its infringement, acknowledges that it is a unalienable right by calling it "the right". Thanks to SCOTUSBLOG for this great analysis and insight on this breaking story which follows:

McDonald – Incorporation, Irony, and History
McDonald debate, Robert Cottrol

Robert Cottrol - Guest | Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 5:26 pm

Robert Cottrol is a professor at the George Washington University Law School who has written on the Second Amendment, including a 1991 Georgetown Law Journal article, “The Second Amendment: Toward an Afro-Americanist Reconsideration,” which was cited by Justice Thomas in his concurring opinion in McDonald

Yesterday’s decision in McDonald v. Chicago will be examined and debated by constitutional scholars and legal historians for decades. Justice Alito’s decision for the Court, accompanied by Justice Thomas’s concurrence stand as convincing if narrowly accepted rebuttals to two great examples of result oriented historical denial that have long plagued American constitutional debate. The first of these is that the constitution protects no meaningful or enforceable right of individuals to have arms for their own defense. The second is the idea that the incorporation of the Bill of Rights through the Fourteenth Amendment was purely a judicial invention with little or no foundation in the text or history of the amendment. The careful and accurate historical analyses provided in the Alito and Thomas opinions provide a convincing rebuttal of both views as well as furnishing some delicious ironies along the way.

Read the rest of this article.

Cagey Kagan Hides Her True Views

They're Closeted
There is no doubt about it, Elena Kagan is President Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama’s Harriet Miers. Like Bush’s failed nominee, Miers, Kagan also never served as a judge. Doesn’t the following statement from the Wikipedia entry on Miers sound like it could be written about Kagan?

“Because little was known about Miers' position on divisive issues, and because she had no prior experience as a judge, her nomination was subject to debate on both sides.”

Maybe it isn’t subject to debate by the Democrats in the case of Kagan, because of the fact that she is an accepted radical Leftist and steaming Socialist. However, the little that is known about Kagan’s position such as her pro-abortion, her considering the constitution as a ‘living’ document which is subject to judicial revision, her pro-homosexual, her interpreting our constitution based on international law, and her anti-military stances are anathema to traditional American values - are enough evidence to reject her nomination. Her political bias and activism and her radical liberal philosophies do not allow her from being an objective interpreter of the law.

Further the Liberty Council in their white paper, “Obama Nominates Elena Kagan to Reshape the Supreme Court into his Political Image,” captures the essence of why the Kagan nomination must be rejected:

“Appointments such as this [ appointing someone who shares Obama’s liberal judicial and political philosophies and has been a longtime political supporter ], where the President’s appointment is based on FAVORITISM and FRIENDSHIP rather than the EXPERIENCE and QUALIFICATIONS of the nominee, are precisely why we called for the withdrawal of Harriet Miers when she was nominated by George W. Bush. It is also why the Founding Fathers placed a check on the President’s power of appointment, requiring the advice and consent of the Senate.”

So like the rejection of the Harriet Miers nomination, I urge my Senators and all Senator’s to reject this ultra-liberal, because of her bigotry and bias toward life, toward Christianity, toward traditional American values including the exclusivity of marriage between a man and a woman and her radical activist political bent. We do not need the type of individual who will unceasingly work to destroy the very foundations of American life and liberty.

Kagan does not only mirror Miers in many regards, but also Soetoro alias Obama. Little was known about him prior to his election, or little vetting was performed by the pro-Leftist laying (or lying or leaning - take your pick!) press of the then Presidential candidate. He hid well his true colors. Now that he is in power the ugliness of his positions surface in his obvious contempt of the American people, American exceptionalism, and American values. Kagan is trying the same tactic. Hopefully we won't be fooled twice.
Contact your United States Senators and demand that they reject the Kagan nomination on the grounds mentioned above. We need a fair minded, experienced interpreter of the law not a law-maker or tyranny-creator.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another ‘Job Saved or Created’ Statistic?

“President (Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack) Obama has chosen General Petraeus to replace General McCrystal in Afghanistan.

“And even though Democrats used to hate Petraeus, they’re happy because it is one more job (Soetoro alias) Obama has saved or created!"

- - - NewsBusted, Episode 6/29/10

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Late Night Takes – Foreign Relations

Late Night Humor

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

● President (Soetoro a/k/a) Obama met with the Russian president at the White House and afterwards, took him out for a burger . . . The Russian president wanted to pick up the check, but (Soetoro alias) Obama said, “Don’t worry about it, just charge it to our grandchildren.”

● Mexico has filed a brief against Arizona’s new immigration law. It’s a precedent because it’s the first immigration law Mexico has paid any attention to.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

● It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. Or as they call it in China, “Bring Your Own Lunch Day.”

These jokes are courtesy of (Hat Tip!), which periodically sends out an email compilation of late night jokes, few of which are worth repeating … these two were the exception in the latest batch.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Election 128 Days


[ What the Dems & RINOs did to US - Bailouts, Abortion Funding, Healthcare 'Reform,' Comprehensive Financial 'Reform,' Lack of Leadership in the Gulf Oil Spill ... ]


Leftist Garofalo invited to a Tea Party

Hat tip to NewsBusters who posted an article this morning, “ Janeane Garofalo's a Racist Redneck: Expresses Disappointment With Obama.” She is a radical leftist activist, who in the past has called Tea Party participants ‘racists.’ This year she has been again been invited to a Tea Party event, the Dallas Tea Party to be held on Sunday, July 4th. See the video below.

Here is a portion of an
A. V. Club interview that was cited in the NewsBusters article referenced above. It gives a glimpse into the vicious hatred that she and her Leftist comrades have for Tea Party patriots and America in general . . .

AVC: You’ve also been called out by name and invited to tea parties by people like Deroy Murdock and other African-Americans within the Tea Party—people who probably don’t know you from anything else ostensibly just so they can prove to you that there are minorities involved, so therefore they aren’t racists.

JG: But not really. They’ve put that out on their side. They have never really invited me. They claim that they have, but they really haven’t. And having said that, I would never go. They will always say, “I invited so and so, and she declined,” when they’ve never gotten in touch with me. [Laughs.] But then also, a lot of the things they say I say, I’ve never said. . . .

AVC: And I do worry that characterizing the entire movement as racist is dismissive enough to make it one of those “us-vs.-them” situations that you were so against before—in a way that it almost hinders the argument.

I don’t think it does. I think what hinders the argument is when people are afraid of hurting the feelings of racists and people who are genuinely—some of them—out of their minds. They demand to see Obama’s birth certificate. They claim that he wants to kill our grandparents with his health care. They want to be able to carry their guns into every public place. Why do we need to coddle these people? And in this case, I guess it is an “us-vs.-them,” in that I don’t see how people who demand to see his birth certificate, and people who don’t want health care, and who come armed to town-hall meetings—there is a distinct difference between that kind of citizen and another kind of citizen . . .

Really, is it racist to question the qualifications of a person to be President? Is it racist to disagree with the type of 'reform' to our healthcare system that is being legislated, which necessarily and essentially includes healthcare rationing and death panels? Is it racist to exercise one's right to own and carry a gun? Who's the racist, who's the unAmerican?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brewer on the Border

Hat tip goes to Darla of who sent me an email containing a link to the video below.

Dear Mr. President: Secure the Border!

From the YouTube description of the above video:

SecureTheBorderAZ June 25, 2010 1:00 “Earlier this month, Governor Jan Brewer sat in the Oval Office with President Barack Obama to discuss the critical issue of border security. The Governor personally related to the President the concerns of millions of Arizonans over the lack of security on Arizona's southern border. During their visit, President Obama committed to present details, within two weeks of their meeting, regarding his plans to commit National Guard troops to the Arizona border and commit to spend $500 million in additional funds on border security.

"Governor Brewer remains eager to receive the specific details of President Obama's border security plans. She continues to extend an invitation to the President to visit with families living along the southwestern border and see the situation firsthand.”

Like his predecessors, President Soetoro alias Obama refuses to act on securing the border. Instead he carves out a piece of Arizona and says Americans be warned not to enter. He is essentially conceding a portion of America to the drug dealers, human traffickers and Islamic terrorists and other undesirables or criminals. Or are they just new Friends of Obama (FOOs)?
No ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform (amnesty). We must first and foremost secure our borders. This extreme border insecurity issue is one of the issues we all must remember in November. We need to clean out the House and the Senate. We need real conservatives in Congress. Conservatives who will implement conservative principles. Not John McCain conservatives, which say one thing to get elected, but do something very liberal during the rest of the time in office. Vote out John McCain and the other pro-amnesty members of Congress!

Friday, June 25, 2010

iStalin for the iPhone

“A developer has come up with an iPhone ap called iStalin it delivers communist propaganda to the iPhone.
“Don’t we already have that? I think it is the NPR ap!"

- - - NewsBusted, Episode 6/25/10

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Articles of Freedom, part 18

This is a series of posts concerning the works of the 2009 Continental Congress. Last week, I wrote about the Divine Providence” portion of the Articles of Freedom. I will continue with “nationwide civic action”, the text of which follows my comments.

As mentioned last week, it’s great that a group of people have undertaken the task to take our government officials to task and apply some pressure on them to revert back to the Constitution. The civic action ideas are good and I like the idea of a pledge of non-violence. But as I mentioned in last week’s post, the Continental Congress left out a key element because they didn’t want lose support by mentioning a “divisive issue”. Therefore I cannot sign the pledge.

If you watch the tape, you will see that whole thing started to become a farce toward the end. A delegate had to be removed from being disorderly. Another delegate called for a vote of no confidence in President Badnarik. The measure failed, but had substantial support. Several delegates resigned in disgust over various issues, most notably the tabling of the issue of the improper ratification of the 14th amendment and its resulting (supposed) enslavement of the American people (see above video for a partial explanation). People on both sides of that debate behaved unprofessionally to say the least. They were pathetic. If you want to see this fiasco click here and then click on Part 5 under 11/18/09 and skip to 96:30 then continue on with Part 6 and Part 1 under 11/19/09.


Delegates to Continental Congress 2009 and others from Each of the several States, shall serve this document titled, “Articles of Freedom,” with its Remedial Instructions, on each United States Senator and Representative in their offices located in their respective States, placing them on notice that We, the Free People of America, believe them to be in violation of their Oath of Office and the Constitution for the United States of America.

Below is a PLEDGE to be signed by individual Americans signifying their belief that: a) for decades and over many administrations, both political parties have been violating the Constitution and the states have acquiesced; b) the Articles of Freedom should be served on key elected officials in the federal government and all 50 state governments; c) the federal and state officials should comply with the Remedial Instructions designed to put an end to the violations and restore constitutional governance; and d) if the government officials refuse to comply, the People shall engage in a nationwide, well-organized, pro-active, non-violent series of civic actions, including economic sanctions if ultimately necessary, to peaceably procure the relief they are entitled to under our system of governance.


In full view of The Creator as my witness, I hereby pledge my signature, and vow to join with a goodly number of millions of Americans to hold our elected and appointed officials accountable for all of their violations, with a firm reminder that each one has sworn an Oath (or Affirmation), to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution for the United States of America. In seeking to hold them accountable, I shall hold myself accountable to do the same.

I renounce and condemn any and all INITIATION of violent force and will pursue all lawful and Constitutional means to fulfill my duty.

When a goodly number of millions of American people agree, we will act in a lawful and constitutional manner until all violations of the Constitution for the United States of America CEASE.

I place my name and shall participate as an Eternal Record of the Will of the People to be Free.

Take The Pledge!

(from Articles of Freedom, the Works of the Continental Congress 2009)

Rand Paul Seeks Money from Bailout Senators

If this is true, then I'm withdrawing my endorsement.

From the Daily Paul:

shame :(

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Kentucky Republican senatorial candidate Rand Paul is seeking fundraising help from GOP lawmakers who voted for the massive 2008 financial bailout, flip-flopping on a campaign promise to shun those lawmakers.

The libertarian-leaning Paul, who condemns taxpayer-backed bailouts of the private sector, will benefit from a Thursday night fundraiser at the National Republican Senatorial Committee in Washington, D.C. Nine of 12 GOP senators listed on the invitation voted for the $700 billion bank bailout in 2008. Tickets to the event went for $1,000 per person, with sponsorships up to $5,000 per group.

During the primary, Paul pledged not to accept contributions from any senator who had voted for the financial bailout. That promise was included on his campaign website at the time but has since been removed.

The first-time candidate slammed his main primary opponent, Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, for taking campaign cash last year at a Washington fundraiser hosted by a number of senators who backed the bailout.

That was then, but now the Paul campaign is welcoming support from lawmakers it once shunned.

Obama Fires McChrystal

I haven’t been following the events surrounding the “war on terror” lately because I gave it up as a lost cause a long time ago. Obviously the mission has nothing to do with keeping us safe. Any captures or killings of actual Al Qaeda members could just be coincidence as far as I can tell. But if no one else on this blog is going to comment on this story about McChrystal’s remarks and subsequent firing, then I will.

It is ironic that General Stanley McChrystal is one of the few generals who voted for Obama and now he’s fired. The firing was over comments which McChrystal made about the war effort in Afghanistan particularly directed at Joe Biden in a Rolling Stone article. Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense who hired McChrystal in the first place, has, according to CNN, opposed the firing, but later endorsed Obama’s decision. I think it’s like the blind firing the blind myself.

The other aspect of this case is that General Petraeus is actually being demoted to fill McChrystal’s place. If you recall, Petraeus was promoted from overseeing the Iraq war to being over all forces in the Middle East.

McCain recently grilled Petraeus about setting timelines for withdraw from Afghanistan. Petraeus indicated that he and Obama had agreed to set a tentative date of July of 2011 for withdraw. McCain expressed his concern that that would allow the terrorists to wait us out and that they would spring back into action after the redeployment. I’d be willing to bet that it never happens in this administration. Petraeus actually fainted during that exchange. A couple years ago Petraeus couldn’t answer a question about whether or not it would be constitutional for the President to go to war with Iran without approval from Congress. Who is going to take over for Petraeus as General over all the operations in the Middle East? Bill Ayers? God help us!

None of these guys has any respect for the Constitution, the lives of innocent children being killed by the drone attacks, or the freedom of America. It’s all just a money-making game to them. It’s a pay back for campaign contributions. Thousands of American families are without fathers because of these wars. The increase in single parent families is further exacerbating the moral decay in our country. And we are going to be enslaved by our debtors (like the Chinese and Saudi Arabians) if don’t stop wasting so much money! I’d rather be poor in a country whose God is the Lord than rich in an amoral one where we have to lick the hand of our godless providers in Washington. I’d rather be killed by a terrorist than be a slave. Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me death!”

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The President’s BP Shakedown

Cartoon by Lisa Benson as found on 6/18/10

Creates Oil Slush Fund

Like his Leftist comrades-in-harm and fellow shakedown artists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama pressured BP last week to cough up $20 Billion to fund a slush fund to be managed by the administration's unaccountable pay czar Kenneth Feinberg. What a deal for the regime. They get to channel money to whomever they deem appropriate. For some reason, I don't trust either the President or his czar ...

BP is responsible for the oil spill and they have been and will continue to pay dearly for their apparent negligence. However, the act of the President in pressuring BP for ‘protection’ money looks like a tactic more suited for the Chicago mob or street thugs use. It looks like the shakedown tactics of an extortionists like Jackson or Sharpton would use to pry money out of a big pocketed corporation to avoid causing an ugly confrontation with trumped up civil rights allegations. Maybe the President wants to be a Justice brother with Jesse and Al?

Actually, I see little difference between the goons in the White House and those on the nasty streets in the ‘hood.

The President has mishandled, muffed and mislead in the Gulf oil disaster. He seemingly want it to be worse than it needs to be. He seems willing to do anything or nothing at all if it advances his devilish agenda, the establishment of a European-styled socialist utopia. Socialism is an abject failure. He has closed his eyes to that fact and reality. Instead, he chooses to foolishly march forward leaving America in his drive toward totalitarian Marxism. What else could account for his pernicious and copious lies and radical policies, bills and actions?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Capping it in November!

Cartoon by Eric Allie as found at 6/18/10

“The fallout from the disaster continues to haunt President (Soetoro aka) Obama.

“And I am not talking about the oil spill; I’m talking about his awful speech to the nation last week!"

- - - NewsBusted,
Episode 6/22/10

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Late Night Takes – Watergate 36 years later

Late Night Humor

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

. .
● It was the 36th anniversary of the Watergate scandal, when the Republicans broke into the Democratic headquarters looking for their long-term plans and strategies. It also marks the last time anyone thought the Democrats had a plan worth stealing.

This joke is courtesy of (Hat Tip!), which periodically sends out an email compilation of late night jokes, few of which are worth repeating … this was an the exception in the latest batch.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Immaculate Conception

“The doctrine that the Virgin Mary, though conceived naturally, was from the moment of conception free from any original sin:” (Webster’s New World College Dictionary p. 713).

This statement can be taken two different ways: First, from the moment Mary was conceived in her mother’s womb she was free of original sin, Second, from the moment Jesus was conceived in Mary’s womb she was free of original sin. In either case Mary is said to be free of original sin. In either case it is a false statement. Mary was never free of original sin.

Paul writes, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” (Romans 3:23). The, all, of course implicates Mary by including her as one of the all that have sinned. It was necessary for Mary to be saved from her sins just like everyone else who has gotten saved.

Paul writes, “Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God: To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.” (Romans 3:24-26). Mary was saved by faith in Jesus.

She tells Elisabeth; “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.” (Luke 1:46,47). Mary acknowledges her need for a Savior in these words, indicating that she is not without sin, original or otherwise. She also indicates that she believes that Jesus is her Savior.

Thus: there is no immaculate conception.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wordworking for Leftists

Quote Unquote
I received the following quote in an email from T.D., thank you T.D.!

"Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant' is like calling a drug dealer an 'unlicensed pharmacist.'"
- - - Anonymous

Obama appeases Mexicans?

Hat tip goes to nrahat, for his posting (#225330) this morning on the National and International Forum on, which included a link to the news item below - how illegals and drug dealers and human traffickers are gaining a foothold on American soil.

Here is a description that accompanies the YouTube video above:

“June 15, 2010 — Two men shot earlier this week could be the result of the ongoing battle between Mexican drug cartels now spilling over deep into Arizona, officials say.Pinal County investigators say an area known as the smuggling corridor now stretches from Mexico's border to metro Phoenix.
"The area, once an area for family hiking and off road vehicles has government signs warning residents of the drug and human smugglers.
“Night vision cameras have photographed cartel members with military arms delivering drugs to vehicles along Highway 8.
“"We are three counties deep. How is it that you see pictures like these, not American with semi and fully automatic rifles. How is that okay?" asked Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.
"Babeu said he no longer has control over parts of his county.
“"We are outgunned, we are out manned and we don't have the resources here locally to fight this," he said at a Friday news conference.
'“Five weeks ago Deputy Louie Puroll was ambushed and shot as he tracked six drug smugglers. ”Sheriff Babeu said the ambush mirrored military tactics.”
What is our federal government thinking? They are derelict in their duties. They want to get their grubby hands on our health care, our education, our finances, our businesses, but they neglect their constitutionally mandated and enumerated responsibility – to protect the citizens. America should be outraged!

We should display our outrage by remembering this November and FIRE CONGRESS!

Schools out in LA, CA

“The Los Angeles Unified School District will boycott the state of Arizona over its anti-illegal immigration law ...

“Just as soon as they figure out where Arizona is on the map!”

- - - NewsBusted,
Episode 6/18/10

NewsBusted is a conservative comedy webcast about the news of the day, uploaded every Tuesday and every Friday. Their newest NewBusted episode includes the excerpt above.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Late Night Takes – The oil slick shtick

Cartoon by Gary Varvel as found on 6/18/10
Cartoon by Mike Lesher as found on 6/18/10

Late Night Humor

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

● The chairman of BP said the company cares about the “small people.” I believe they care about the small people, the problem is that they don’t care about the big leaks.

● Environmentalists say that if the leak continues, some species might become endangered, such as Democrats.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

● BP CEO Tony Hayward told members of Congress that his company is working to make sure that a spill like this “does not happen again.” And they have a great plan in place. They’re going out of business.

These jokes are courtesy of (Hat Tip!), which periodically sends out an email compilation of late night jokes, few of which are worth repeating … these three were the exception in the latest batch.

President’s handling of the Gulf oil spill: just words, just speeches, just inaction

The Gulf Oil Spill: a Disgusting Comedy of Errors

Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama’s words are just not sucking up the oil. He has shown little leadership. As a community organizer he learned to tear down, not build up, not lead. But wasn’t he the one that said something about, “
Just words … just speeches”?
The people closest to the problem in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi said they needed various things earlier and were ignored. The federal government in this crisis has by its inaction demonstrated more incompetence that the local, state and federal governments did during Katrina. Now it is the states that are demanding action, seemingly trying to take the lead, they are even providing specific requests, but their requests fall on deaf bureaucratic ears, or is that bureaucratic errors? In other words our impotent and inept government is exacerbating the problem, not alleviating it!

The President has not waived the Jones Act to permit foreign ships to come in to help vacuum the oil. Governor Jindal of Louisiana wanted to have barriers built to keep the oil out of his states marshes. He has not received any response or assistance from the his requests.

In the ABC News video below a recent example is given showing useless bloated bureaucratic radical agenda-driven governmental agencies and an equally inept Soetoro/Obama Administration, which has caused unnecessary delays in helping contain the spill’s damage.

I must conclude one of three things are happening: (1) the President and his administration is absolutely incompetent, or (2) they are willfully negligent, or (3) they are deliberately trying to worsen the degree of the crisis to move their job killing, industry crippling cap and trade legislation and agenda through Congress. Maybe it is a combination of all three.

I heard a couple of talk show hosts this week mention that former President Jimmy Carter must have a really big smile on his face this week. Finally, there is a worse President than he was, and he can now relinquish that honor before he passes away …

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Articles of Freedom, part 17

This is a series of posts concerning the works of the 2009 Continental Congress. Two week ago, I wrote about Article 15 of the Articles of Freedom, which was about the illegal immigration problem. I will continue with “Divine Providence”, the text of which follows my comments.

Of course, this all makes common sense and it’s good that they have acknowledged God and asked for his assistance in these matters of great importance. But note the ambiguity about the true identity of this God. Jesus Christ is not mentioned. If you watched the deliberations, you know that this was because they didn’t want to lose supporters. Elisheva Levin, a Jewish delegate from New Mexico, almost didn’t sign the document even as it is because of this section and she and many others complained that it would exclude atheists. How ridiculous. Notice that they say “In Respect to our Founding Fathers” as if they doing it solely out reverence for them and it’s not really about God. The mixing of non-Christians and Christians to accomplish a goal just doesn’t work very well. As the Psalmist put it:

1Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. 2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep. 3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. 4 As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. 5 Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.

Psalms 127 (KJV)

Also, a motion to add an amendment to one of the articles by two of the Kentucky delegates concerning the protection of the unborn was tabled by a 27-12 vote in the delegation. They only got the last vague statement in this section as a consolation:

“Our Founding Fathers recorded in the founding documents the God-given Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to every citizen. Without Life, there is no Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness.”

I don’t believe that God is going bless this effort since the abortion issue was ignored in favor of inclusiveness. Uuuuh, that John Bush really annoyed me. I knew that things would not go well even from the beginning since they chose Michael Badnarik, a pro-choice libertarian over vocally pro-life Florida delegate and Constitution Party member Dan Gonzales. What good is it to achieve these goals, if hundreds of thousands of innocent unborn babies are murdered every year and their killers are allowed to go free? What if we all lived in Nazi Germany and discussed how we were going to stop them from imposing gun control laws and unreasonable searches and seizures, but mentioned nothing about the Holocaust for fear of alienating racist Germans? You might as well forget it. There were many little things in this document that I disagreed with, but the reason why I have decided not to sign it is because of what isn’t in it. If you would like to hear delegate Richard Treitz’s abortion amendment and deliberations concerning it, click here and then click on 11/18/2009, part 3.

Next week I’ll wrap up this series.



WHEREAS, America’s Declaration of Independence contains essential principles underlying the greatest governing documents ever given to mankind, and

WHEREAS, among our essential principles is the belief that we are endowed by our CREATOR and NATURE’S GOD with certain unalienable Rights and that Governments are instituted among men to secure these Rights, no more, no less, and

WHEREAS, the maintenance of these principles depends upon, “a firm Reliance on the Protection of DIVINE PROVIDENCE.”

THEREFORE, We, the Delegates of Continental Congress 2009, recommend the following actions to be taken by the People:

1. Each of us, beginning with ourselves and our family, set apart a day of fasting, weekly, monthly or whenever, to appeal to and to meditate and pray for the blessing of Divine Providence, in guiding our steps and assisting us in our struggle against the enemies of liberty, in reclaiming our freedom, and to encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same;

2. Encourage your minister, priest, rabbi, or other religious or spiritual leader to lead their congregation in a monthly day of fasting, meditation and prayer, for the blessing of Divine Providence to guide the success of our efforts;

In Respect to our Founding Fathers

Our Founding Fathers recorded in the founding documents the God-given Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to every citizen. Without Life, there is no Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness.

(from Articles of Freedom, the Works of the Continental Congress 2009)

Click here to read the final article in this series.

Energy Independence Promises Broken

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An Energy-Independent Future
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Matisyahu Sings for Peace

Sometimes I lay under the moon
And I thank God I'm breathing
Then I pray don't take me soon
Cause I am here for a reason

Sometimes in my tears I drown
But I never let it get me down
So when negativity surrounds
I know someday it'll all turn around because

All my life I been waiting for
I been prayin for
For the people to say
That we don't want to fight no more
They'll be no more wars
And our children will play

One day

It's not about win or lose cause we all lose when they feed on the souls of the innocent blood drenched pavement keep on moving though the waters stay raging and in this life you may lose your way, it might drive you crazy but don't let it phase you no way


One day this all will change
Treat people the same
Stop with the violence down with the hate one day we'll all be free and proud to be under the same sun singing songs of freedom like...

The song that the little girl is sings in the above video is called "One Day" and was written by Matthew Paul Miller (no, this is not me). Matthew calls himself by his Hebrew name Matisyahu because he is a Jew. The point of this post is that you don't have to be anti-semitic or anti-American in order to be against the wars. Matisyahu has been, over the years, exploring different sects of Judaism. He appears to be open minded and searching for truth. I am praying for his conversion to Christianity and that God will use him bring others to Christ and peace in the Middle East.

Another War Looming?

From the Daily Paul...(take with a grain of salt)

Saudi Arabia has conducted tests to stand down its air defences to enable Israeli jets to make a bombing raid on Iran’s nuclear facilities, The Times can reveal.

In the week that the UN Security Council imposed a new round of sanctions on Tehran, defence sources in the Gulf say that Riyadh has agreed to allow Israel to use a narrow corridor of its airspace in the north of the country to shorten the distance for a bombing run on Iran.

To ensure the Israeli bombers pass unmolested, Riyadh has carried out tests to make certain its own jets are not scrambled and missile defence systems not activated. Once the Israelis are through, the kingdom’s air defences will return to full alert.

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Russia Reverses on S-300 Missile Sale to Iran

Less than 24 hours after the Russian Foreign Ministry insisted that the long-delayed sale of the S-300 missile defense system to Iran was still on track and that the UN Security council sanctions did not apply to the defensive missiles.

Today, Russia has reversed that position entirely, and the Kremlin says that the sanctions actually do forbid the sale. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin insists that the sale has been frozen.

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