Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Great Campaigner Still on His Taxpayer-Funded Midwest Magical Misery Bus Tour

Besides the “Midwest Magical Misery Bus,” names for the Obama bus include “Economic Distress Express” which was offered the other day by one viewer of Fox and Friends morning TV show. Another is "Highway Jobbery." Personally, I like "The Debt-End Tour Bus." See the tweet below for another name.

Hat tip goes to @TheHenry who just tweeted the following?
Good one! @MonicaCrowley on O'Reilly: "One Nation Under the Bus Tour." Re: Obama bus tour.

Obama is campaigning, something he does well above everything else.
Elections do have very serious consequences. In November 2008 a majority of voters, living and dead in many cases, gave the keys to the bus to Barack Hussein Obama. Whether he even had a license to drive remains a question mark. He subsequently did exactly what we knew he would do, and what all “good” socialists/Marxists do.  They grow government, spend money, and wrest liberty from the people. What we now have here in America is a form of what some have termed soft tyranny.
President Obama has been literally and figuratively throwing America under the bus for the past three years. America is the bus. The Obama regime’s focused and radical socialist/Marxist agenda is what currently fuels the bus. We need to return the power to the people.
The bus needs to be run by founding principles and values of our Founders, not by those of Marx, Keynes or FDR. That is why it is so important to elect an authentic anti-establishment conservative Republican like Michele Bachmann to stop the speeding out-of-control bus, which is headed for oblivion with 330 million onboard. The bus needs be repaired using the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as the guide.

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