Thursday, August 04, 2011

Steve Chabot's Votes to Raise the Debt Ceiling

My alleged congressman, Steve Chabot explained why he voted for raising the debt ceiling and creating a “Super Congress”.  Chabot points out that the “drop-dead date” was set by Timothy Geithner.  (So you believed him?)  Chabot said that Obama did not get anything close to what he had wanted.  Oh, really?  He claims that this bill was “based upon the principles of Cut, Cap, and Balance”.  Then he explains the differences.  (I would point out that even Cut, Cap, and Balance is unacceptable because it merely tinkers with budget, and does not contain any guaranteed, substantial cuts enough to really balance the budget.)  Under the bill that passed, the Balanced Budget Amendment vote will occur after the debt ceiling is increased.  So there is no guarantee at all that the flawed Balanced Budget Amendment will be voted on, much less passed.  Like the Amendment itself, it’s just another promise which can be broken.  (So this is exactly what Obama would want.)   He explains that the cuts would be over the next 10 years and that there would no guarantee that they would actually happen.  Again, this is another promise which can be broken.  I doubt that these "cuts" are anything but cuts in proposed increases in spending, not actually cutting current levels of spending.  (So this is exactly what Obama would want.)  He talks about the unconstitutional “Super Congress” as if it was a good thing, but it is yet another step toward concentration of power into the hands of a few.  Again, this is NOT a good thing, Mr. Chabot. (It's exactly what Obama would want.)  “I came to the conclusion that it was probably the best we could get,” he said.  You may have gotten something out this bill, but “we” didn’t!  No real cuts, no balanced budget, only more promises and more centralization of power in Washington.

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  1. I forgot to mention that one reasons Chabot said that he voted for it was that there were no tax hikes. But...
    1. There were no tax decreases either.
    2. We end up paying it sooner or later.
    3. There would be no tax hikes if the bill had been voted down!

    I think we should start calling it "digging the debt hole" instead of "raising the debt ceiling"!