Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Help Stop Obama's Abortion Mandate NOW

I received an email today, which came from the Concerned Women of America organization, and I signed the mentioned petitioned below and urge you to do as well:

Picture this ... Uncle Sam standing on any street corner in the nation doling out birth control pills -- including the “Morning After” abortion pill to all women who wanted it absolutely free of charge!
Standing behind Uncle Sam is you and me ...

The fact that this is just another massive government hand-out means that you and I -- regardless of our religious convictions, will be forced into paying for and promoting birth-control, sterilization and early-term “Morning After” abortions?
I’m not standing silently while the Obama Administration violates my moral compass.

+ + Stopping ObamaCare Abortion Mandate
Two weeks from now when Congress returns from their recess, Concerned Women for America is                   eager to greet them with an avalanche of angry petitions -- thousands of them each opposing the ObamaCare Abortion mandate and demanding it be removed!

Without the help of  Pro-Life Christians and Conservative liberty-loving Americans the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) will begin actively promoting and handing out FREE birth-control and we will be forced to pay for it through higher insurance premiums!

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