Monday, August 01, 2011

How Ohio Reps Voted - Roll Call on the Ignoring Reality Debt Bill

Voting for the monstrous Obama-Reid-Boehner-McConnell Raise-the-Roof-for-more-Debt Bill:.
Austria (R) Aye
Boehner (RINO) Aye
Chabot (R) Aye
Gibbs (R) Aye
Johnson (R) Aye
LaTourette (R) Aye
Latta (R) Aye
Renacci (R) Aye
Schmidt (R) Aye
Stivers (R) Aye
Tiberi (R) Aye
Turner (R) Aye
Fudge (D) No
Jordan(R) No
Kaptur (D) No
Kucinich (D) No
Ryan (OH) No
Sutton (D) No

And here is how the three presidential candidates voted on the bill:

McCotter (R) Aye

Bachmann (R) No
Paul (R) No

Updated 8/2/2011

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