Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Choice: GOP Candidates debating or Obama jabbering?

Apparently the Obama regime has proposed to have Dear Leader give his so-called "jobs" speech the same night that the GOP Presidential Debate was scheduled. Was this a calculated political decision to embarrass the Republicans? Absolutely it was. The massive TelePrompTed ego of the President wanted to upstage the important Presidential debate, and therefore draw more attention to himself and to his 'importance.'

The choice comes down to this: which do we view, Obama's continual blathering v. GOP Presidential candidates' debating? No question or doubt, I'll watch the debate!

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  1. Speaker Boehner responds to White House request for Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday, 9-7-11. He gave a polite 'No.'

    Y couldn't he say no to the #Debt Deal?