Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Responsibility of the Electorate in the Coming 2012 Elections

As usual, in the campaign for President, many candidates (especially those who have been or are currently the governor of a state) are saying that they created jobs or improved the economy in their state.  Some of them have attended various political/spiritual "rallies" in which they said many spiritual words to appeal to Christians.  But I hope that Americans, and especially Christians, will see through these deceptions.

When a candidate claims that he improved the economy or created jobs, you should ask yourself several questions.  Is the candidate really the person responsible for the supposed increase in jobs or improvement in the economy or test scores of elementary school students? Sometimes states thrive despite a poor governor because they have a good legislature, good local government, or other reasons.  Do these statistics show the whole picture or are they just one positive outcome among many negatives?  Politicians are eager to take the credit for anything good, but hardly ever take the blame for something that goes wrong.  They blame their opponents for bad economic indicators even when the opponent did not have anything to do with it.  Sometimes things happen which no one in that position could have prevented.  Sometimes a candidate will accuse his opponent of doing the very same thing that he himself is doing.  Are the statistics even true or are they complete fabrications?, for example, is an organization which exposes such lies all the time.  Sometimes supposed positive results from a particular policy are only temporary.  You can create jobs with an economic stimulus packages, but will such jobs last?  Economic growth indicators are much too complex to be attributed to single policy or particular individual.

Candidates who say all the right things but do not do what they say should be exposed.  You can say the most wonderful prayers, quote scriptures, and say how much you love the Lord and so on.  You can answer all of the candidate survey questions the way that your targeted demographic would want you to.  But if this is not backed up your actions, it means nothing.

This election season, the voters need to do three things in order to turn this country around.  If you don't do these three things, you would be better off not voting at all.

1.  Read the Bible and the Constitution.  No, don't just read them, STUDY them.  The Bible contains the answers to many of our political problems. God's word contains much more wisdom and sound advice than what you can get from any cost-benefit analysis or economist's forecast.  Be open-minded when you read it.  Very few politicians know anything about the Constitution.  If you read it thoroughly and carefully, you will be able to know when they are lying about it.
2. Examine carefully each candidate's actions (voting record, the bills that they have sponsored, and other actions taken in their official position).  Don't pay any attention to unsubstantiated rumors and don't believe the candidate just because they say they voted for something or that their opponent supported some position.  LOOK IT UP YOURSELF.  Most candidates who claim to be pro-life have voted for abortion funding and/or funding for abortion providers.
3. Above all, pray that God's will would be done.  It might not be God's will that our nation gets out of its slump.  God may be dealing with us in ways we don't understand.  Praying for the economy or more jobs is a somewhat selfish and short-sighted prayer.  Pray instead that God would change our hearts and that our nation would be conformed to his will.  Pray that justice and righteousness would be done in our land.  Pray that God would rid you of any false preconceived ideas as you are reading the Bible and the Constitution.  Then the blessings will follow.

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