Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Presidential Debate at the Reagan Library 9/7/2011 - The Mitt & Rick Show

Surprisingly, this debate, co-sponsored by very leftist leaning NBC, was on the up and up. Unlike the Fox debate there were no obvious gotcha questions. Strikingly, although I do not agree with all the candidates, all of them performed reasonably well.
Who won the debate?  Rick Perry was the center of attention and seemed to be the most forthright with a couple of his answers, especially on Capital Punishment and Social Security. The answers seemed to stun the liberal Brian Williams. Williams was equally shocked by the audience’s concurrence on Perry and Texas’ position as well.

You just know moderators were in obvious disagreement with Michele Bachmann’s answer regarding Libya. It was an unwise decision to intervene there was Bachmann’s view. I agree. But how dare she challenge the wisdom of 'Dear Leader' the 'all-wise' Barack Obama was the impression I get from the Left.

Jon Huntsman gave a very credible performance. Though I disagree with his mostly liberal positions, he did well. Herman Cain and Rick Santorum gave solid performances as well.

I guess if I had to give a rating how the candidates did tonight I would rate them as follows:

Rick Perry – A-
Mitt Romney – A-

Michele Bachmann - B
Newt Gingrich – B 
Ron Paul - B

Jon Huntsman - C+
Rick Santorum - C
Herman Cain - C

To be fair not every candidate got equal time. The spotlight was on the two so-called front runners Perry and Romney. After the debate it is still Bachmann, Paul, Perry and Romney in the top tier.
One thing both Perry and Romney also share is that they are very flawed. It is just the degree of "flawness." Neither are true conservatives.
Absent from the discussion were the social issues, which apparently are irrelevant to the secular humanist moderators. To me those are the key issues in this debate. Without the right to life, everything else is mute. 


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