Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tea Party Express Buses Stop in Avon, Ohio 9/3/2011

On Saturday I drove up to Avon, Ohio which is west of Cleveland, to see first hand the Tea Party Express Tour stop. The two Tea Party Express buses are traveling from coast-to-coast starting in California and ending in Florida in time for a GOP Presidential Candidate Debate on September 12th. The local organizers did a good job in the hour prior to the Tea Party Express gang's arrival. Joe the Plumber of 2008 Election fame spoke briefly in the first hour.
 The Tea Party Express Tour participants included excellent singers, a comedian, and some great speakers including Nevada US Senate Candidate  Sharon Angle, who nearly upset the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. She also plugged her book, Right Angle, proceeds of which will fund her new PAC, which in turn will be used in helping to elect more conservatives to Congress.
 Ohio Treasury Secretary and U.S. Senate Candidate Josh Mandel challenged the crowd of between 500-1000 people to help him to get elected to replace the U.S. Senate's most liberal Senator, Sherrod Brown. He received enthusiastic applause at the prospect of a conservative alternative to the current Obama Kool-Aid devouring Senator Brown.
During a portion of the presentation an airplane flew over the baseball field where the Tour stop was held carrying the banner, "Give me liberty -- not debt." This put an apt exclamation mark on the message of the and the Tea Party Express event. The Tea Party Movement continues its onward momentum.
Tea Party Express Tour Stops in Cleveland
Joe the Plumber at the Tea Party Express Tour Stop in Avon, Ohio
One of the Two Tea Party Express Tour Buses

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