Saturday, September 17, 2011

Constitution Day or the Day of Rage?

September 17th is U.S. Constitution Day, while the looney Left is trying to co-opt it into some sort of Day of Rage in the U.S with protests on Wall Street and other streets. 

Isn't it ironic that the Left is supposedly 'outraged,' when it is the American people who are becoming more and more frustrated, outraged and angry at the increasingly unpopular, grossly unqualified, inept, and inexperienced current occupier of the White House and a 'do-nothing Boehner-Reid led' Congress? It is with them and not the liberal extremists, who are celebrating their flimsy, disrespectful, and meaningless Day of Rage, that I am truly outraged.

Therefore, I repeat the following tweet, which I came across this afternoon while surfing Twitter:

"Dear Liberals, if you plan to burn our Flag as part of your #DayOfRage Please wrap yourself in it first! #attackwatch #tcot #SEPT17!"

Hat tip goes to @FoxieNews for her powerful and timely tweet!


  1. Yawn. The flag is a piece of fabric and patriotism is code for nationalism. It didn't work out so well for Germany, now, did it? Wake up.

  2. Another thing, exactly who do you think is being "disrespected" by the Day of Rage participants...?

  3. April -

    It is the American Free Enterprise System that is being disrespected by the anarchists staging their Day of Rage. Why pick the day that we celebrate and honor our beloved Constitution?

    It is like building an Islamic Mosque at Ground Zero! It is an insult to America and the people who died at the hands of Islam's terrorists.

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