Thursday, September 22, 2011

John Kasich Has Gone Too Far with Privatization

I don't often agree with ProgressOhio, but their lawsuit against Kasich for privatizing  the state's prisons may be a good repudiation of this idiotic policy.If you are a student of history, the Bible, and American republicanism (not the party, but science of a government with three branches) then you know that this counter-traditional.  God sets up civil governments, the Church, families, and institutions to fulfill their respective purposes.  The civil government is supposed to punish criminals and keep the peace. The Church is supposed to evangelize the world, feed the poor, and help those who are hurting.  Parents are supposed to govern their children.  The purpose of business is to increase the wealth of the people by beneficial exchanges of goods and services.  To the extent that God's system is corrupted by man, serious problems arise.  To give a private corporation the responsibility of punishing criminals is a dangerous step towards the destruction of the balance of the institutions God has given us.  Corporations can have motives that would lead them to treat prisoners differently according whatever benefits them.  I'm all for privatization in most areas, but when it comes to the one thing that government should be doing, it is a crazy idea.  I am also very disturbed about John Kasich's recent mention of Diebold in his commercials.  Again this is a corporation which is given power over the affairs of our government, which should be done by the people.  They will have a motive in determining the outcome of an election and it may be too tempting for them to resist committing election fraud to advance their own interests (especially when they are giving campaign contributions to politicians who are promoting electronic voting machines!)  This type of corporatism will surely lead to the destruction of our freedom and help to build the fascist (government/corporation hybrid) state that all Americans should be on guard against.  Whenever one institution is allowed to usurp the power of another, it gains too much power and becomes corrupt.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  This idea that privatizing prisons and the tabulation of votes will save money is ludicrous.  In the end, we will lose much more than this policy will save.  But if institutions God has given us are kept in their proper roles, the natural checks and balances will greatly reduce corruption.

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