Saturday, September 10, 2011

America and Congress: Reject the "Save Obama's Job Act!"

The President said he would present a major speech on Thursday. Basically, he spewed forth what amounted to a rehashed Stimulus 2.0. How did he think that this second attempt to jump starting the economy would do anymore to help the economy than the previous failed Stimulus 1.0 fiasco?

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin said President Barack Obama's new, but unimproved, American Jobs Act should more aptly be called the

"Save Obama's Job Act."

I listened closely to the President's speech on Thursday night. I was unimpressed. I was very disappointed. I was not surprised. I counted that he pleaded at least a dozen times, like the horrendous ObamaCare bill, for Congress to pass the bill in haste. Levin's count of that phrase was 18 times.

By the way, I agree with those who say that Speaker John Boehner (RINO-OH) should have never agreed to enable this campaign ploy. It was a pure campaign speech, paid for by the American taxpayer, with NBC and the media providing free air time to Obama to kick off his desperate attempt to save his job. He and his regime has calculated that the GOP will not pass his ridiculous request. Therefore, it gives him ammunition to use the next 14 months as he ratchets up what he does best - coast-to-coast campaigning. Someone said that maybe the Republicans in Congress should approve AJT just to insure that Obama gets the full "credit" for the economy in November 2012, which will not be helped by another wasted 1/2 trillion dollars. I do not agree with that proposition.

We need to renew the 2010 campaign theme with a new "Fire Congress 2.0" by adding the Presidency to those that need to be terminated. However, ideally that candidate should be a conservative and not another John McCain in 'conservative 'clothing like a Mitt Romney or a Rick Perry

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