Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mr. President, I think we’ll pass on it. --- The American People

Like a deranged madman, or mad hatter, or like the fellow on that most annoying repetitive radio or TV commercial, our beloved President last week raced before a joint session of Congress. Then this past week started schlepping from state to state. Starting in Virginia and Ohio, then on to other states he scurried trying to elicit buyers for his miraculous mineral spirits. He has been attempting to convince us of the inconvincible and inconceivable with his now familiar and equally worrisome pitch or mantra, “Pass this Bill.”

Previously, the Obama regime passed the dangerous health care “reform” bill, or ObamaCare, which itself was ramrodded through Congress the night before Christmas. Now, just like the health care and finance 'reform' bills  before, the American people don’t want to buy his transparent “Save Obama’s Job” Act. Never mind, that it calls for yet another wasteful, useless “stimulus,” or expenditure of precious and increasing rare Taxpayer dollars.
What is this all about, really?  The president’s personal slush fund is running low from the last stimulus! He uses this fund to feed the insatiable appetite of the union bosses, of favored crony capitalists, and of his faithful campaign contribution bundlers.  In other words, he needs to reload, using a euphemism, whose use is banned for the Right, but not the Left.

If this President's intent is the further destroy our economy, or if it just the result of failed policies put forth by an inept and inexperience administration, the result is the same. We must do all we can to make sure the current President and the vast majority of the current Congress is purged in the upcoming elections mainly in May and in November of 2012

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