Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Tele-Town Hall with Conservative Congressman Steve King, 9/14/2011

U.S. Representative Steve King (R-IA)

I just got off the phone with a tele-forum Town Hall Meeting on the Tea Party Cyber Tour. U.S. Congressman Steve King (R-IA) was the special guest. He adeptly fielded questions from coast-to-coast participants.  His closing remarks were most impressive. He said that for America to get back on track three things were absolutely necessary:

1.     Repeal ObamaCare to allow the free market to the individual to control health care rather than an inept government and the bureaucrats that work for it. 

2.     Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, which would force Congress to curb its wasteful ways.Pa

3.     Pass the Fair Tax eliminating IRS, tax loopholes, waste and unfairness associated with this perverse tax system.  

He also commended and encouraged the TEA Party Movement.

I agree we need to continue the efforts of the past two years in taking the country back to its constitutional roots.  2012 will be a pivotal year in the history of America. It will make or break this nation, literally and figuratively! We must never again make the foolish mistake of hiring for President a person of the caliber, character, philosophical bent inexperience and lack of leadership of a Barack Hussein Obama ever again.

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